13 Facebook Safety Tips for Teenagers and Kids

Social Media Safety tips for Kids and Teenagers

facebook safety tips

Presence and engagement of users on social media sites are increasing rapidly day by day.
Especially one Social Media site which has involved in everyone’s personal and professional
life is Facebook.Like everything in the world,Facebook has both advantages and disadvantages.
If you use it in the right way then you can do wonders and at the same time it will make
you feel negative results.

Most of us share updates, personal photos,achievements of our life on Facebook.But one thing
which we neglect while sharing such updates is “shared information will be available to the
people who you don’t want share”.Lets see the safety tips which can make your engagement on
Facebook go smoothly.

13 Best Tips to Stay Safe On Facebook

1)Choose a secure password which is hard to guess or hack.

First and most important step to keep facebook account safe is choosing a password.Choose
password which stalkers cannot breach.Don’t use passwords like phone numbers,numbers in
ascending order or common passwords which are very easy to hack.

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2)Use the privacy Settings in Facebook to maximum.

Many of the Facebook Users never use privacy settings.Facebook has given us maximum control
on our account.But we don’t use them up to the mark.So to make your personal and professional
information safe on Facebook,use Facebook privacy settings to the fullest.

3)Be careful while accepting Friend Requests

Don’t accept friends requests if you don’t know them personally.
For Example:
If any one sends you a friend request before accepting the request first go through their
profile.If you know them and you have mutual friends then you can accept the friend request.
Some users purposely creates fake account and send friend request,to know your personal
information or to promote their business.So be careful in accepting such friend requests.

4)Don’t Reveal private information.

Make sure that the private information is invisible to others including your friends.
As i have already mentioned many of us don’t use facebook privacy settings.With privacy
settings you can customize facebook account in your desired way
(in terms of sharing information and security).
You may be thinking why to hide personal information from your friends right?
As they are your friends they will definitely know about your personal information.
If they don’t know then you can use other means like Email messaging etc..
Don’t ever set your personal information visible to every one on facebook.

5)Don’t click the links on Timeline which are tempting /Alluring.

You may find some links on Facebook page or group or timeline tempting.Never click on such
links which are not related to you.If you have even one percent doubt about the link,just
leave it.Such links are purposely posted by phishers to hack your account or know your
personal information.

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6)Don’t share sensitive information like credit card information etc.

Never ever dare to share sensitive information on facebook timeline.As your timeline is
visible to everyone in your friends list(of course depending on the privacy settings),it is
not secure to share sensitive information on Facebook.

7)Don’t update Status which can harm you.

You may be thinking why updating status on facebook can harm me?
Not all the updates creates problem for you.Status Updates like “Lonely at home”,
“on a vacation to Hill Station” etc can create some issues regarding security.Some one
might be eyeing on your or waiting a chance to take revenge on you.This may look silly for you,
but don’t give a chance to others to harm you.Especially girls,should be very careful while
posting a status update.

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8)Block the friends whom you don’t want see on facebook.

Some times it will be annoying to see a status update of a friend whom you don’t to see.
May be your ex-boyfriend/ex-girlfriend or a friend whom you don’t like.Facebook has given
you an option in privacy settings to block the person whom you don’t want to see.Blocking a
person on facebook is two way,you cannot see his/her updates and they cannot see yours.

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9)Grant Access Only to trusted applications.

Not all the applications are created by genuine people.So before granting access your
facebook information to applications check for the review on internet.If your find the
application trust worthy then grant access or else choose another application with same theme.

10)Set OTP if you are using FB on public network.

Using Facebook on your PC at home is secure.But using facebook on public network by logging
into another PC is not safe.Set OTP (One Time Password) if you are accessing facebook from a
network which is new to you.Facebook will send OTP to your mobile.You have to use OTP sent by
Facebook in logging in to your account.So whenever a person other than you logged in to your
account,a OTP generated by Facebook will be sent to your mobile.Now the person needs to enter
OTP in order to access your account.It provides another layer of security
to your Facebook Account.It is similar to OTP while logging into a banking account.

11)Report Immediately if you have any doubt regarding the hack.

If your are sure that your facebook account then report immediately.
My Facebook Account is compromised.

12)Keep the antivirus software updated on your PC.

Keep your antivirus up to date to prevent security threats.This would prevent unwanted
malware attacks on you PC.

13)Remove Facbook Profile from Search Engines.

Learn how to remove facebook profile from Google,Bing etc..

Implement the above mentioned steps and be safe on Facebook.
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