3 Best Ways to Get Targeted Traffic to a Blog With out any Cost


Are you running a blog? Don’t know how to drive free targeted traffic to your blog?
Then this article is solely for you guys.

Every website owners ultimate goal is to get good traffic to his blog.Getting traffic
consistently is not an easy task and you cannot do it overnight.Of course you can get traffic
to your blog with paid advertisements.Getting such traffic doesn’t increase blog’s
performance.There are many ways you can publicize a blog for free and drive traffic to your
blog.Let’s see 3 best ways to get targeted traffic to your blog.

drive Free targeted traffic

How to Boost Traffic to your Blog for Free

1)Increase Search Engine Traffic to Your Blog

Getting Traffic from search engines should be your primary goal.As it doesn’t require any
external work.Just stick to your basics in writing genuine content.In long run you can get
decent amount of search traffic to you blog.If you want more of organic traffic then you need
to follow proper seo. To get Search Engine Traffic to your Blog you need to have lot of
patience.As Seo doesn’t cost you a single rupee,but it costs some time.Just write good quality
posts with unique content and follow proper Search Engine Optimization.Google (Search Engines)
will take care of the remaining things.It takes some time for search Engines to rank your blog
(months to years).So only way to increase your organic traffic is be loyal to your readers and
Search Engines.Don’t try to Copy Content from other blogs.

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2)Increase Social Networking and Social Bookmarking Traffic to your Blog

Now a days Social networking traffic is no less than search engine traffic.So create social
network profiles then link your blog to them.As soon as you published an article just share it
on popular social networking sites like Facebook,Twitter,Pinterest,StumbleUpon,Scoop.it,Google
plus.Make use of Social bookmarking sites like Reddit,Digg to boost your blog’s traffic. With
Social Sites you can get instant traffic to your blog.If your blog post goes viral then you
can’t even imagine the traffic you are going to get.So practice to write good content articles
with attractive blog post titles and share on Social Networks.If you want to drive visitors to
a newly created blog,then the only way is social media traffic.So try to increase your presence
on Social sites and increase your followers.

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3)Boost Blog Visitors with Blog Commenting

Another important way to get traffic to your blog is commenting on other blogs.But be sure to
comment on same niche blogs.Blog commenting would boost your traffic very fast and you would
get instant traffic from it.It should be continuous process i.e go through all the blogs in the
same niche and post 5 to 10 comments daily.With in no time you will definitely see good traffic
to your blog.Commenting on other blog’s would increase your presence in blogosphere.
One important thing which you should remember while commenting is “your comment should add some
extra value to the article“.By this you can gather the attention of the blog owner and of course
the blog visitors.

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