5 Best Craigslist App for Android Phone 2017

Craigslist App for Android Smartphone

Craigslist is one of the best places where we can buy or sell things online. You could be looking for household devices, clothes, apartments, and many other things – and it is available on Craigslist. And the advantage of this site is that it’s available on Android through many apps. All these apps provides the same basic functionality of viewing listings and posting your own advertisement. However, there are few differences in these apps in terms of their loading time, features, and ease of use. You will find tons of Craigslist apps in the Google Play Store, and number of these apps may confuse you.

best craigslist android app

Top 5  Craigslist App for Android Phone to download


Mokriya is mostly the best app you will be able find for Craigslist. It is very neatly organized and is simple to browse and search. For its smooth transitions, you will notice that it is highly convenient and easy. The galleries are good looking and therefore the app is free with basic options. There are in-app purchases and you will be able post your stuff on Craigslist and receive the notifications.

Launch the Mokriya app and choose your city and category. You can find the list that are completely with images. The Mokriya app is like social media, which you can browse and choose the products you want, or post your own product in online.

Mokriya has formally licensed Craigslist data to build its app. This avoids legal hurdles, as there are some cases when apps used Craigslist data and landed in legal issues.

2) Craigslist Checker :

The Craigslist Checker permits you to simply browse through the list and post your own advertisement.  It permits users to simply search for the right kind of listing, and to post their own items online. You can sort the results by match, date, or min/max price. This app even includes the adult sections of Craigslist.

3) cPro Craigslist Free Client:

This app is widespread among many Craigslist surfers. This app lets users browse Craigslist even more simply than the website.The search agent of the app runs within the background and sends notifications as soon as another product comes up with the options that you are looking for.

You can configure your search and reserve it for future use. cPro additionally enable you to reply to posters through emails or call/text the directly through the app.

4) CNT Craigslist App:

With its fast city search feature, you will be able to search between four locations in no time. It also comes with a direct mail or call feature so you will able to contact the author of an advertisement just by clicking on a button.

It has a smooth look and is really simple to use. Posting an advertisement is quick and efficient, and takes simply a couple of steps. You can conjointly save your searches and search for them later.  The developers always listen to users and solve their problems right away.

It comes with a rich set of options to post, search, browse, and reply to advertisements on Craigslist. It allows users to contact advertisement authors through phone, text, or mails.

5) City Shop:

If you want to just view advertisements and buy stuff, CityShop is very much the best app. If you require to sell stuff or post a list yourself… that is another story. As of now  unable to post ourselves and it is downright frustrating. You want to sell something, otherwise purchase something this is the best app.

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