5 Best internet speed test tools in html5 [ speed test tools with out adobe flash ]

Speed Test Tools in HTML5

internet speed test tools without flash

A speed test measures the bandwidth of your present network connection. It has made simple to make sure what you are paying for.

Today I will show you five best speed test tools which does not require flash to run. It will help you if you want to check your internet speed if you feel it is little bit slow than the speed provided by the service provider.

Best Internet Speed Cheker Tools Designed with out Adobe Flash


Speedtest is a free internet speed test tool which many people have been using for many years. In the begging it required a flash. Later it was updated as the time passed by. Now it does not require any flash to run it on your html5. It has access to more than 2,500 test servers. Even I have been using this tool for years. I would recommend you people to use this tool. The main aspect of this tool is its user Interface which is easy to use. All you need to do is just click on the “begin test” option. With in seconds it will show you upload and download speed and it also detects your IP address.

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Bandwidth test is good to measure and manage your bandwidth performance. It is one of the best internet speed test tool which provide service for free. It came into live since 2002 and in early 2013 it has adopted a new html to expand its compatibility of mobile users and mobile devices. It provides accurate results of your internet connection and can run on large number of devices. Here there is a special feature where you can select specific locations and servers to see how our latency speeds are affected by distances.


speedof.me is an HTML5 Internet speed test tool. It does not require any flash or java. It works well on all mobile devices like iPhone , Android, windows mobiles ,ipad , and other mobiles as well as desktops. speedof.me always start the smallest download block and steps through each level until each download takes upto 8seconds. The upload will be half of the largest download tested. It is more open about what it does and you can see by clicking on the option “how it works”.

4.Open speed test

Openspeedtest uses a special algorithm for detecting the internet speed. It also downloads various sizes of blocks to determine a stable connection.

It hav very good speeding results and also has good interface when compared to other testing tools and it does not require any flash.

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Last but not the least is TestMy.net. It is almost same and accurate as open speed test and doesnot require flash and java. This product best feature is having the option to single thread to multi thread speeds. But implication is that they offer only single thread

All the  above tools are accurate and give adequate results. If there is any problem with any tool regarding the speed test it must be a server lag problem. These are the best speed test tools without requiring flash.


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