5 Things to Cross Check before Publishing a Blog Post for Newbie Bloggers


Most of the inexperienced bloggers will be a hurry in publish the post as soon as they complete
writing it.Newbie bloggers will try to publish the post with out cross checking it,just for the
sake of increasing page views.In this process they are committing a big mistake without their
knowledge.As a blogger, you might have written a rich content article with well placed keywords
but be sure to cross check your article before publishing it.
A question may arise in your mind. Is it necessary to check blog post before publishing it?
Yes absolutely.
After writing the post go through it for two times to remove spelling mistakes you have done.
This is common practice and you need not be a blogger to do this.A School kid will even do it
in writing an exam.
As a blogger you should do more in terms of seo before publishing a blog post.
Lets see the common mistakes which a blogger will commit without checking the blog post before
publishing it.

 checklist to check before publishing a blog post

Checklist to check Before Submitting your Blog Post

1)Url Optimization For Better SEO

This is one silly mistake which a new blogger commits.This Mistake may be a silly one but it
will cost you more.As you know that placing the right keywords in url will increase the chance
of a web page to appear in search Results.So Optimize your blog post url using primary keywords
you have targeted in the post.If your blog is hosted on wordpress then are many ready made
wordpress plugins available for you,which will do work for you automatically.For blogs hosted
on blogger it is your responsibility as a blogger to optimize blog post url by removing
unnecessary words.One more thing to remember is “Don’t create lengthy blog post url”.Make the
url simple and clean with targeted keywords.

2)Interlink your old blog posts to increase Page Views

Interlinking blog posts is good practice both from Search Engines and Blog Visitors point of
view. Don’t let your old blog posts go dead.Interlink your blog posts and increase your blog’s
traffic.It is a good practice to interlink all your blog posts.
In Search Engines point of view this would increase organic traffic to your blog.
Most of the new bloggers don’t know the power of interlinking and simply leave it.
Try to interlink the old posts these would not only increase direct traffic to your blog but
also search traffic.

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3)Check the Spelling and Grammar Mistakes

As i have already mentioned it is the basic thing which you should correct.
Check for the spelling mistakes and correct them ,or else it would create negative impact on
blog visitors.This would decrease returning visitors to your blog.

4)Check Images for Alt and Meta Tags

Most of the bloggers forget to Add alt and meta tags to images.If you are not including alt and
meta tags to images then surely you are going to miss decent traffic from search engines
(image).Be sure to check alt and meta tags.Image optimization increases  blog’s traffic by a
huge margin.

5)Write Killer Post Title to grab Users Attention

One thing which i have noticed is “A weak blog post with attractive blog title can do magic for
you”.Similarly a blog post with unique and quality content but with weak blog title can not
produce results as you expect.So cross check post title whether it is catchy one or not.
For a specific topic you are competing with hundreds of bloggers.So write your blog title to
attract the visitors.

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