6 Best Gmail Alternatives to Send Free Emails in 2016

6 Best Gmail Alternatives to send emails

Gmail is undoubtedly the king of the email clients with over 900 million of the users are accessing this service. Given the many of Google services such as Docs, Android, Drive, Hangouts, and several are synced through your Gmail ID, it is sensible that Gmail is exclusively dominating the Email client industry. Whereas there are strong arguments against the utilization of Google’s Email client as your primary Email address, there will be definitely better alternatives to the network that you should definitely consider.

Best Gmail replacement to securely send free emails

1) Outlook.com:

If you use Windows as your primary software, Outlook is one amongst the simplest Email clients you will definitely love when you get the gist of it. Outlook is one of the most effective Gmail alternatives you will ever find for your Windows system.

This app integrates seamlessly with the interface of your Windows OS and it even enables you to sync your calendar, contacts, integrates with OneDrive, OfficeOnline, OneNote, and many more. Given that the Microsoft owns Skype, Outlook also features a notifier for your Skype alerts. Outlook permits users to share, edit, or view their Microsoft Office files right from the online browser. You will be able to specify your own Email expiration period, once that Emails get deleted automatically. Giving 5 GB of free storage space and with an upload file size limit of 5 MB per attachment, Outlook is one of the most effective Gmail alternatives. The Platforms Available are Mobile applications for Windows, iPhone, and Android, Web client supporting all major browsers.

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2) Yahoo! Mail:

Possibly the most effective thing regarding Yahoo! Mail is the 1 TB of storage space that it given with every Email account. That is an enormous storage space and Yahoo! is giving it for free with each Yahoo! Mail account. Syncing of your Calendar, Contacts, Notepad, and Instant messages is very easy with Yahoo! Mail. This Email client also supports customizing the appearance and feels of your portal. Multitasking is perhaps is the most effective option of the Yahoo! Mail. By using tabs, like during a browser, you will be able to shift between different Emails, compose, drafts, and many more windows at once. With the support of up to the 100 MB of file size for a one attachment, Yahoo! Mail offers the good bargains in terms of storage space for an Email client. The Platforms Available is Web client, Android and iOS mobile applications.

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3)  iCloud Mail:

Apple’s iCloud is one in all the best pieces of software package that ties up the whole network of services across all of the Apple devices. Among the options that Apple’s iCloud offers, iCloud Mail is that the Email client that works on an Apple Email ID. With the 5 GB of free storage space and an individual file upload limit is of up to 20 MB, iCloud Mail is one in all the foremost appealing Email clients for the Apple users.

iCloud Mail is an advertisement free Email client and therefore the only factor it lacks is that the ability to categorize your Emails into folders.  And also, lack of support for POP3 implies you may not access your different Email accounts by using Apple iCloud Mail! The unique approach in coming up with the iCloud Mail interface receives praise from people over the worldwide. The Platforms Available are Mac OS X or Windows, and iOS running devices.

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4)  Zoho Mail:

Zoho is one of the best well-respected Customer Relationship Management tools. One of the beautiful well-known services given by Zoho is that their Zoho Mail client. With the 5 GB of free storage space and also with 10 GB of document storage ability, Zoho Mail is one of the most effective Email clients on the online for the business users. If you already have your own domain name, you will be able to simply set-up your own Email address by using Zoho Mail.

Given the different numerous services Zoho offers is that, Zoho Mail seamlessly integrates with calendar, tasks, docs, contacts, notes, and many more links. It is an advertisement free, powerful and uncluttered Email client is what if you are searching for, Zoho Mail is your best bet. If you are searching for a free Email client for your business purpose, then Zoho Mail offers you Business plans starting from the $0!. The Platforms Available are Web client, Android, and also iOS mobile applications.

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5) AOL Mail:

AOL Mail is another one of the best free Gmail alternative that was widely popular. AOL Mail offers its users with the Unlimited Email Storage capability and with a maximum file attachment limit of up to 25 MB. AOL Mail permits its users to integrate their different Email addresses into their network for a efficient access of your Emails. AOL Mail also offers its users with your own selection of Email address Domains including @love(.)com, @ygm(.)com, and @wow(.)com, @games(.)com.

Few of its key features also include a perfect integration with AIM for chats, Folder categorization, Events, To-Do lists, Personalization’s, Text messaging to Mobile phones, and many more. The Platforms Available are Web client, Android, and also for the iOS mobile applications.

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6) Yandex:

Yandex is one of the most important search engines there. It provides 10 GB of free storage space and a possible increase of extra 1 GB when you reach your last up to 200 MB is granted, provided you stay active on the network. The customization of your Email client is provided and also the managing of contacts and emails is pretty simple with Yandex Mail.

Yandex Mail allows permits to simply to organize their Emails into other categories and folders. Yandex Mail provides a maximum upload limit of up to 30 MB per file as attachments on their Email client. The Platforms Available are Web client, Android, and also for iOS mobile applications.

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