7 English to Hindi Conversion Websites / Typing Tools

Languages use to be a gap in communication long back, but the software’s, tools and internet has been a bridge in bringing divers people together by enabling language conversion and understanding easy.

Checkout the following online tools that aid typing and/or conversion from English to Hindi

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Best 7 Online Tools which act as English to Hindi Converters


It’s a free tool that provides typing services to bilingual users. The site enables any Indian language to be switched into any other language transcript. For English to Hindi conversion, all that a user need to do is, input in English followed by pressing spacebar and the program smartly converts it into Hindi script (Unicode). The program is simple, fast and convenient enough to use.

Additionally, the software provides provision for fluent reading with its amazing “Quillpad Switchit” service and also enables the user to directly write in Hindi on social networking sites such as facebook, emails, twitter etc that eliminates the laborious cut and paste process.

2)Google Input tools

Google Input tools make typing easy in any language. User simply needs to access the tools (both online and offline version is available) and select the preferred language from the drop down list that shows 110 languages available for typing.

The colossal tool is available through Google extensions (Online) as well as can be downloaded from Google Play store for android devices that makes things easy to go and convenient to use.


 It is a Hindi typing tool that acts as an interface for conversion (translation) of any language to Hindi as well as offers easy typing directly in Hindi for purposes such as writing Blogs, Articles or simply posting thoughts on social media in Hindi.

The website is highly compatible with Chrome Browser and for long contents, the tool facilitates easy file saving as MS Word document.  The service is available on mobile phones, tablets and other handy gadgets too.


Indiantyping.com is another website that works on Transliteration System enabling the user to type in Hindi including many other Indian languages from English keyboard easily. The user simply needs to type like SMS in English and the software will effectively convert it into Hindi.

Along with typing services, the tool also offers Typing Tutor, Typing test, Translation, Dictionary and other additional program that enables understanding language easy and  typing directly in android device so that posting the same on networking sites is easy.


This online free tool is amazingly capable of translating English to over 50 other languages. It is conveniently accessible and translates English to Hindi efficiently along with providing English text-to-speech service, English spell check, Email client and on screen keyboard for various languages.


This is another free tool that enables easy conversion from English to Hindi. Apart from this, the website also offers free Dictionary, Hindi search and premium service for exporting the text into images so that they can directly be used for publishing (in the form of blogs or simply articles).

The program is user friendly and with no time, provides appreciable results (typing in Hindi)


This tool performs transliteration and provides English to Hindi conversion and typing services to the users. Data converter, dictionary and editor are additional tools that a user can make use of that too for free of cost. The user can also switch to English typing, if required.

We have covered the list of best converter tools for English to Hindi Conversion.If we missed out anything other typing tools then please do let us know..



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