7 Free Ways to Promote a Blog or Market a Blog

promote a blog

Blogging has become passion for many youngsters around World and of course in India.
Many of the bloggers have , even choose blogging as their career ,by resigning their
regular job.The main reason behind this is “huge income” which is of course everyone’s
target.Behind that you can create a brand image for your name or brand name
for your blog online.You are no more a employee for a MNC company.You would be your own Boss.
The above all mentioned reasons are tempting many youngsters in choosing blogging as career.
But unfortunately many of the bloggers are quitting from blogging due to some reasons
1)Not able to Generate Good Traffic
2)Sudden drop in traffic
3)Not able to earn money

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Yes ,these reasons are making many bloggers to quit blogging.
If you are a newbie blogger then you may not know the exact reason behind this.

But if you are a blogger with some handful experience then you will surely get the
reason by now..If not then just go on reading this article ..


Yes what you have read is right.Many of us depend on other websites or networks to
drive traffic to our blog.Especially driving traffic from “GOOGLE” is every ones goal
and dream.Unfortunately if a newbie fails in trying to get traffic from Google then
his next option is to quit blogging or to buy another domain and start blogging from scratch.

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My self has failed to drive traffic to my blog in starting stage of my blogging career.
For some blog’s there was sudden drop in visitors to the blog.
[I have not done any big mistake regarding SEO on theses blogs].But Google some times puts
a blog in Sandbox in the first few months.
Or it may be due to Google Penalty your blog don’t get blog visitors.

So what i am trying to say is don’t rely on only source [ third party blog’s or
social networking sites] to drive traffic.
In my opinion we have to make our network of blog visitors.

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Just place your blog’s url in every blog visitor’s mind.
[May be your blog Logo,blog niche,what ever it may be ,a blog visitor should be able
to identify your blog].So make count of every visitor coming to your blog.
So lets see the free and best ways to publicize a blog

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1)Use Social Networking Sites

Almost every internet user has an account with various social networking sites with
hundreds and thousands of followers.
Create cover picture and profile photo with your blog logo and url on it.
Now make that particular image as Profile Photo and Cover Pic.
This would definitely create a buzz among your friends about your blog.
Most of them will surely visit your blog and once they find it cool they
will become return visitors for your blog.

Want to get more results from this technique,then implement it on large scale
Choose 10 friends who has large number of followers or
friends on social sites like Facebook,Google,Twitter etc.
Now make them to create cover picture which resembles your blog ,with url on it.

2)Distribute Pamphlets (Flyers)

Create a pamphlet with unique design and clearly mention about your blog.
How it is different from others and what are the services you are providing through
your blog.Now hire a person to distribute pamphlets at places where college students,
employees and educated persons usually gather.It may be a bus stop or
Local tea stall or what ever it may be ,just distribute the Flyers

3)Print Blog url on Pocket Calenders or Home Calenders

Of course this idea is not an unique one.Recently while going through railway station
one person came to me and gave me pocket calendar which has some sought of advertisement
on it.I was surprised with the innovative idea they are implementing in publicizing a
product.Just implement the same technique to attract visitors to your blog.

4)Comment on Other Blogs.

First make other bloggers in the same niche to know about your blog.
Best way to get them to look at your blog is to comment on their blogs.
And one more thing don’t comment just for the sake of publicity,instead make a
value added comment.Making a blogger as your blog visitor has huge advantage
when compare to that normal internet user.You can easily increase Alexa rank of
your blog in no time.You could create some brand name for your blog which would
definitely increase your blog’s revenue.

5)Target Public Places.

As i have already mentioned in the above paragraph on usage of distributing pamphlets.
Similarly make use other ways like painting on the walls in public places about your blog ,
display banners which explains about your blog in public places like
Bus Stop,Theatres,Toilets etc. I am not going into more details about this idea.
Just scratch your head to get more ideas to target public places.

6)Make Use of Cheap Advertising Techniques.

Try to find various cheap advertising options which are available for you.
Advertising on Electronic media / Displaying hoardings costs you more.
If you are selling a you own product then you can go for such techniques.
Instead go for online advertising like Facebook promotion,twitter ads,Google Adwords.
Research shows that facebook is cheapest of all online advertising network.
But if you want to get more conversion rate then Adwords is the best one.

7)Share about your blog to every person you come across.

” Mouth publicity “.
Make a note of all the friends and persons whom you know on a paper.
Start from your school days.
Note down the list of Friends in your school,teachers,seniors,juniors.
Next go for Plus 2 (12 class) and graduation.
After gathering the required information,now make them to know about your blog
through social networking sites or by calling them.


Our ultimate goal is create a brand name and drive visitors to our blog.So we should
make use of every possible way to increase our blog’s popularity.

Use the above mentioned techniques for making a free publicity campaign for your blog.
If you know any other free ways to promote a blog then do let me know in the
comment section.





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