7 Online English to Marathi Converter / typing tools list

Gone are the days when you need to use a particular keyboard to type in that language. There are many converters and typing tools available online that enable you to type the required language even without touching the key board of that language. For example, if you are required to type in Marathi, first thought that will come to the mind is hey! I have never seen the Marathi key board. Should I give this task to someone having Marathi typing knowledge? Relax! Now you can easily type in most of the languages. How? You should have a working knowledge of typing in English.

What this converters or typing tools does is they convert the words that you typed into the required language. For example, if you want to type in Marathi, You just need to type that particular words in English. For typing “मराठी”  you just need to type “Marathi” Converter will convert it into Marathi within a fraction of a second. Most of the conversion provide a good facility, and that is if you want to see the options related to that word, you just need to type of that word and click on that word. People often get confused between conversion and translation. Remember, for translation we need to change the vocabulary here we are changing only the alphabets. Here is the list of some of the converter sites widely used nowadays.Most of this sites also have translation facility.

 Best 7 English to Marathi Online Typing and Converting Tools

1. http://marathi.changathi.com

Here you need just to type in English the required word and then press the space button from your keyboard. You will get the Marathi word instantly. After having the required words typed, you may either save or export the words.Here you need to use it online as still a downloadable version is not available.

 2. http://tamilcube.com

One more online tool worth trying is available at tamilcube.com. Here also you just need to type in English and word is automatically converted into Marathi.You can enjoy this on mobile devices also.

 3. http://marathi.indiatyping.com/

Here also you need not pay anything for online conversion, but if you want to have the offline software, you have to pay for it. Sometimes they have an offer on the site that allow you to get this offline software at around five hundred rupees.


This site also provides same facilities as provided by others. Here also, after typing, you may press backspace key or see the drop done menu to get the optional words.

5. http://www.quillpad.in/

This is also one of the most preferred sites for that provide typing tool or converter to convert in almost all the Indian languages. Here you have one facility”Quillpad Roaming” that allow you to type directly on face book, blogs, etc. You need not first type here and then save and then copy paste the script.


This site also has typing tool with same features as that of others. Here you can also use a dictionary.

7. http://www.marathityping.in/

This site provides one additional feature, and that is, after typing you may send the script to gmail, twitter and so on by just clicking on the boxes provided.

I hope by using the converters or typing tools available at this sites will make things quite simple for you. Perhaps you may need a Marathi keyboard for typing if you need it for some professional purpose.





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