8 Must Know Blogging tips for Newbie Bloggers/Beginners


If your are into blogging because of Passion,then you will achieve success one day for sure.If this is not the
case i.e you choose blogging just to earn money in short term or started a blog on a niche which you have no
idea ,then all you hard work is going ruined out.You cannot expect success in blogging,if you belong to second
genre.Here in this article we will see best 8 blogging tips for beginner bloggers who have passion on blogging
but don’t know how to achieve success.
One again i am stressing “Without interest you cannot achieve any thing in your Life,Same thing is applicable
for blogging”.

blogging tips newbies

Lets see the best blogging tips for newbie bloggers to make a successful blogging journey.

8 Blogging Tips for Beginner Bloggers

1)Choose the Niche of Your Interest or Niche Which you Know Something About.

Blogging is long term business,you cannot expect success in one day or one month.It can take months to years
to earn something from your blog.So Choose a Blogging Topic(Niche) on which you can write articles without
getting bored.Every blogger at one stage in his/her blogging career will go down in their confidence levels.
They don’t know what to do,what to write and many questions will strike their mind in this period.
If you choose a blog topic which you are not familiar with,the situation will be even worse.So sincere
advice to beginner bloggers who wish to continue their career in blogging is “choose a broad topic which you
loves to write on”.

2)Create Good Quality Content and Don’t Copy From Others

In the beginning stage every blogger will definitely commit some mistakes.The most important one is copying
content from other blogs.A new bloggers aim is very simple “He should write maximum number of posts in a day”.
One think which he don’t know is “quality matters a lot,not quantity” in blogging.Copying blog articles from
other blog’s and pasting them on you blog won’t work for you.In short term it may help you,but once Search
Engines like Google finds you doing such illegal activities,you are out the blogging game.You won’t get any
search traffic from search engines.Try to focus on writing unique content,rather than writing 10 duplicate
content blog posts.At starting Stage it may be difficult to write original content,but once you find the
secret it is very easy to write.So My advice is no need to write 10 posts daily.Write one or two posts every
day with rich keywords.

3)Make Use of Social Networking Sites to Maximum

Social Networking Sites these days play huge role in the success of a blog.Facebook,Twitter,
Pinterest,Stumbleupon etc can be used as platform to publicize/free advertise your blog.
Increase your presence and engagement on Social Media Sites.As Search Engines consider Social Media Signals
as one of the major factor in ranking a blog.Share you blog posts on all major social media sites,this
would increase both referral/direct traffic and search Engine traffic to your blog.

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3)Create High Quality Back links to your blog

We are now in 2014,still backlinks are considered as backbone for a blog.More the number of backlinks to
a blog more is chance to increase blog’s visibility in Search Engines like Google.But they are factors you
should look at while creating backlinks
a)Don’t create backlinks in a rush.You should create backlinks consistently.If you create 1000 backlinks
one day and zero backlinks other day,it will send red flag to Google,that you are doing something spam.
Instead create 5 to 10 backlinks a day.
b)Quality of the backlinks matters.Creating 10 high quality backlinks is better than creating 1000 low
quality backlinks.
c)Commenting on blog’s is one way to get backlinks to a blog.This backlinks are now considered as low
quality but they will definitely add some value to a blog.One more important point is”Comment on Same niche
d)Backlinks to your blog must be diversified i.e, Use all the probable ways to get backlinks to your blog.
Just don’t create backlinks by commenting on other blog’s or by posting on forums.
Instead use forum posting,guest blogging,commenting,social bookmarking,creating profiles,forum signatures
to create backlinks to your blog.
e)Use anchor text wisely,so that Google won’t penalize your blog.

4)Choose Blog Post Title Wisely.

Many expert bloggers says that “Content is key to blog success”.It’s true,but i want to add one more point
which is as equal as “creating unique content” i.e Blog Post Title.
Choosing a good blog post title can make huge difference in blog’s traffic.
Blog posts with attractive blog title have 100% more chance to get clicked by the visitor.

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5)Choose Seo Optimized Theme for your blog.

Choosing Seo optimized template for a blog is first step to success.There are many premium or free
templates available,you can choose the one which suits your niche.You may be running a blog on wordpress or
blogger platform choosing the seo optimized template can make a big difference.

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6)Update your Blog Regularly.

Google and other search engines likes blogs which updates content regularly.More the number of posts,
more will be the posts indexed in search engines,more will be the traffic to your blog.
So write at least 2 blog posts a day,for a new blog to see good results quickly .Of course it is not
compulsory to write a blog post daily,it totally depends on your schedule.

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7)Don’t loose your Concentration and be patience

As i a have already mentioned in this article,choose the niche which you loves to write on.Never loose
concentration and patience while writing an article.

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8)Reply to Comments on Your Blog and Comment on Branded Blog’s in Your Niche.

Commenting on other blog’s and giving reply to comments on your blog,will create space for your blog in other
bloggers mind.If your continue this method for at least 3 months,then you are almost successful in creating a
brand name for you blog.
One thing which you should keep in mind while commenting on other blog’s is “You comment should be an added
value to the blog post”.This would not only increase your blog’s credibility but also drives traffic to your

Hope you enjoyed reading this article.Please do share it with your friends.
If you know any other blogging tips which are useful to beginner bloggers,do let me know in the comment




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