9 Best Call Recorders for Android Phones [ Free & paid Versions ]

The call recorder app is a must have in every phone. Not only it helps to remember important conversations, it may be used to create memories that can be cherished over and over again. Also it’s mighty helpful in times of exposing and punishing the bad guys. Thus here are some of the best in the market

Top 9 Android Call Recorder Apps With & Without Beep

1.  Call Recorder ACR

The most popular of the lot. And the most dependable also, this app comes with multiple format recording, auto recording and cloud storage support. The list can also be set to auto delete older recordings and prioritise some. Password protection is inbuilt and the app can handle both incoming and outgoing calls.

Link : Download it from Google Play Store

2. All Call Recorder

The most minimalistic and simple to use app in the list. The UI is easy to learn with simple press and hold context menu. The files are recorded in 3gp format and can be uploaded to cloud from within the app. The app is light and records both incoming and outgoing calls.

Link : Download All Call Recorder from Play Store

3.Automatic Call Recorder

Another popular choice in the segment, this app will simply start recording all your calls once installed. It has multiple formats for recording and can be set manually to record from a specific contact only. Supports both incoming and outgoing calls, and has a useful feature to change your storage if you run out of memory in your phone. Also can be set to upload files directly to Dropbox.

Link : Download Automatic Call Recorder from play store

4.Smart Auto

Another simple yet great app, this recorder records both you and your caller’s voice. Also the app can be set to record in the best format you like and also supports automatic call record. The app will start up and record both your incoming and outgoing calls in good quality. It misses out in the Bluetooth sector a bit, but if you are not a heavy hands-free user, it would do just fine.

Link : Download & Install Smart Auto 

5.Galaxy Call Recorder

An app almost custom made for the Samsung Galaxy series and a must have for their users. It works seamlessly to record both the sides’ voice using the Android Standard API and supports automatic recording as well. The app has a nice delay before recording feature too.

Link : Download from Google Play Store

6.Call Recorder

Though named unimaginatively, the app packs some serious features including all the basics. The UI lets you easily categories the files and supports sharing from inside the app. You can lock the most important files and then can save them to you SD card as mp3.

7.Digital Call Recorder

A unique feature rich app. This app features multiple format support and the UI is very user friendly. The app can work in the background and also shows its battery efficacy. The app lets you set filters for each task and also has widgets for easy access.

Link : Download Digital Call Recorder

8.Record My Call

RMC is a totally fun and simple app to use. But it comes with some serious features like filters, renaming and Dropbox sync inbuilt. It has a bit of a problem in some devices but apart from that it is a good all-rounder.

Link : Download 

9.Easy Voice Recorder

A jack of all trades, this app records both voice and call in high quality PMC and AAC formats. The UI is user friendly with a lot of features other than just recoding your calls. It comes with an inbuilt PC backup facility and a home screen widget.

Link : Download 

If we miss any other best free call recording app without beep,then please do let us know in the comment section.

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