How to Access Multiple Dropbox Accounts From Windows PC Concurrently

access multiple drop box accounts from single pc

Dropbox is undoubtedly the best cloud storage tool which allows you to store data
and access it from any computer with internet connection.There are many other cloud
storage services but Dropbox is ahead all these cloud storage because of its
reliability and trust worthy.If you don’t have an account with dropbox,then surely
you are missing something.You can sync data from your PC,Mobile and can access it
from any where in the world.
New to Dropbox?Want to create an a new account.
You can signup for an account  here.

Only drawback with Dropbox is it doesn’t allow you to access multiple accounts
simultaneously on one Computer.If you are having a common computer in you home,and
everyone of your family has a Dropbox account then the problem arises here.
As dropbox will permit access to only one  account from single PC at a time.
So you have to shift between the users to access to Dropbox accounts
i.e,log out of first account and log in using another Dropbox account.

What will you do if you want access multiple dropbox accounts on a PC at once?
Here in this article you will find the solution to login multiple dropbox accounts
on a Windows Running PC.
Lets see in details on how to access multiple dropbox accounts at once.

Access Multiple Dropbox Accounts From Single Windows

PC Concurrently With Cloudfuze.

Cloudfuze is a application which is solely designed for Cloud Storage services.
With Cloudfuze you can easily access multiple dropbox accounts simultaneously.

1)Register for a new account with Cloudfuze to gain access to multiple drop box
accounts at once.

2)After completion of registering an account you need to verify the Cloudfuze
account through email.

3)After verifying you cloudfuze account,now you can add drop accounts to your
Cloudfuze app.

cloudfuze add cloud account

4)Clodfuze will now prompt you to allow access to files and folders in dropbox account.

5)Click on the allow option to add Dropbox account to Cloudfuze application.

 cloudfuze will access files and folders in dropbox

6)Similarly you can add another Dropbox account to Cloudfuze application.

Cloudfuze works good with other cloud storage services like “Google Drive” and “Box”.

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