How to Add Alexa Rank Widget to Blogger and WordPress Blog

Simple Guide to install Alexa Widget on your Blog.

May be a wordpress blog or Blogspot (Blogger) Blog,its very easy to Add Alexa Widget to your blog.Let’s see how to install Alexa Rank Widget on your Blog.

What is Alexa Rank?

Alexa is most trusted Web information Company.It analyses and provides statistics of any
website.You can search Alexa to find most successful websites on the web based on keyword,Country and Category.

Alexa Rank is one important factor which show your blog’s success.After Pagerank, most of the webmasters,bloggers,advertisers gives importance to Alexa Rank.To be frank Alexa Ranking is not genuine because it won’t consider or read every visit to your blog.

If your visitor have installed Alexa Tool bar or any product related to Alexa on his browser then this visit will be considered by Alexa System.So what i mean to say is “Visit which passes through their system or which hits Alexa Program” are only considered by them.

Want to make every visit to your blog count by Alexa?

Here is simple trick to make every page view of blog counted by Alexa System.
Just Install Alexa Widget on your blog and make every visit genuine to Alexa Ranking System.
Now the equation is very clear:
Every Blog visit is counted by Alexa Rank.This would increase your Blog’s Alexa Rank very
quickly.Adding Alexa widget to your blog would make you to utilize every pageview to boost
Alexa Rank.

Alexa Rank will decide your Websites popularity.You can watch your blog’s stats with Alexa Rank.Write quality articles at regular intervals to increase your Alexa rank.If your blog is new one,Definitely you will get some sought of confidence by seeing your Alexa Rank.

Increase your blog’s Alexa Rank to boost your blog’s Revenue.As you can attract more advertisers to place ads on your blog,this would increase your blog’srevenue tremendously.You can boost your blog’s revenue by direct advertisement.

Let’s come back to original topic,.Lets see how to create Alexa widget and Add it to your Blog.You can place this alexa widget on footer or sidebar to show your blog’s Alexa statistics.

How to Create Alexa Widget for blog

Go to Alexa website or click here to generate code for Alexa widget.

generate the code to embed alexa widget

Enter your domain name in the box and click on Build Widget option and generate the code.Just copy the code and paste it on your blogger blog or wordpress blog.

 It is up to you to add alexa gadget to your blog.But my advice is to place Alexa widet on your blog till your blog’s alexa rank reaches 50000 globally.Then remove it.(of course it is your wish to delete Alexa widget after that).

How to Embed Alexa Widget to your Blogger blog

1)Log in to your Blogger Account and go to Blogger Dashboard.

Go to Layout –> Add a gadget –>HTML/Javascript Gadget

Now paste the above code in this gadget and save the configuration.

How to Add Alexa Widget to WordPress Blog

After logging in to your account,go to Widgets (you will see it under Appearance).Click on the widgets option and find Text (Arbitrary or html) widget.

 alexa widget wordpress

Just drag the text widget and drop it on the sidebar widget.Now paste the code in the widget and save it.That’s it you have now successfully placed Alexa Traffic Widget on your Blog.

Benefits of Adding Alexa Gadget to your blog

1)It would increase your blogs Alexa Rank tremendously (As it would count every page view of your blog) [Even better than adding Alexa tool bar to your browser]

2)If the Alexa rank is good then it would attract Advertisers,which in turn would increase your blog’ revenue.

Hope this tutorial helps you in adding Alexa Widget to your blog.