How to Add Contact Us Form to a Blogger Blog

Blogger has provided all the features which a paid hosting even can’t provide.Some of them are  Scheduling a blog post,adding contact forms and many more.You can add contact form to your blog very easily without depending on third party
plugins.Recently Blogger launched user friendly contact form gadget for its users.It has all
the features especially this contact form has validations to display error messages when the
user skips or forget typing email address or message.Adding contact form to your blogger blog.

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contact form for blogger blog

Is it Necessary to Add Contact Us Form to Blogspot Blog

With Contact US form it is simple for your blog users to send message to you (blog owner and
Admin).If you are not using contact form on your website then you have to reveal your email
address and the users have to send message manually by typing the email address.With Contact Form users need not know your email id.They can simply type the message and their email address to send message to blog admin.So adding a contact form helps you and your blog Users by reducing work.Lets see how to add contact us form to a blogger blog.

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How to Add Contact Us form to your blog.

Log in to your Blogger Account and go to blogger Dashboard.

Go to Layout–>Add new Gadget–>Click on more Gadgets.

contact form blospot blog

Now you can see Contact Form option.Just click on it to  add the Contact Form to your blog.

That’s it you have successfully added the contact us form to your blog.You can change the position of the form by dragging the gadget to required position(may be footer,right sidebar etc).
If a user sends you a message,you will see it as mail in your Gmail inbox using which you have created your blogger blog.

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