How to Add Android Pattern Lock to Windows Computer

Want to Change the traditional Lock of windows PC then you are at right place.You can add Android or Iphone Pattern Lock to your Computer with ease.For this you need to install a third party applications on your Windows PC.Lets See how to install the software and add pattern lock to windows PC.
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Two Best Software’s /Applications to Add Lock pattern to Windows PC

1)XUS Pattern Locking Software For Computer
XUS PC Lock is allows you to lock your computer in new way. Before using XUS PC Lock, you have to define your lock pattern. The next time you will see the lock screen, just draw the pattern you have choosen to Unlock the PC.
2)Eusing Maze Lock
Eusing Maze Lock is a powerful tool designed to help you lock your computer with a single click on the tray icon.Then Eusing Maze Lock will display a lock screen and protected your computer.

Add Android Pattern Lock to Windows Computer

Add Pattern Lock to Windows with XUS PC Lock

Download XUS Pattern Locking Software and Install it on your PC.
After succesful installation of the application double click on the icon.
By default the Pattern Lock is “Z”.Just draw it on the app and unlock your PC.
If you want change the add pattern then Go to Icon Tray and right click on XUS Icon or simply click Windows + C.
You can size of lock pattern to 3X3 or 4×4 or 5×5.

Add Android Pattern Lock to Windows Computer

Click on the reset option to change the Lock Pattern.Draw your own pattern using Mouse.
After resetting the Lock Pattern it would prompt you to backup the Lock pattern in case you forget the pattern.
XUS PC Lock Features
1)You can change the background image of the application.Just click on Background tab in the app.Click on Pick Image option and choose your desired image and save it.
2)Under General Setting tab you will see many options:
a)Autolock at windows Start up: Choose On or off
b)Autolock Computer After :Choose from the available list
c)Turn of the monitor after:
c)Auto hide unlock window after:
d)Disconnect internet when locked:
More feature available under the General tab.Just have a look at it.
You can download it from here

Add Pattern Lock to Windows with Eusing Maze Lock 

Unlike XUS Pc Lock ,Eusing Maze Lock is free.
Download the app and install it on your PC.Eusing Maze Lock works similar to XUS Lock.You can choose your own lock pattern to Lock your PC.
You can download it from here

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