How to Add Shutdown Button to Windows 8 Start Screen


Windows 8 has many inbuilt features which are par when compare to that of older versions
of windows operating systems like windows 7,windows xp. But some of these features may be
annoying as these are not easy to use.One such feature which is not seen in windows 8 is
“no shout down button in start menu and start screen”.So some of the users may find
difficult in shutting down their system.If you are advanced windows user then it not
difficult for you,as you know the shortcut keys.
This article is solely for newbie windows 8 users who are not comfortable in shutting down
their windows 8 running laptops or PC.
Lets see how to add shutdown short cut button to windows 8 start screen.

Add Shutdown Button to Windows 8 Start Screen

Here i am giving very simple way to add shut down button to windows screen.
Right click on the desktop and choose create new short cut.

windows 8 new short cut
A pop up windows will open and prompts you to type the location of the item.
Now enter “Shutdown /s” in the box given.

windows 8 shutdown
(Want to make the system wait for some seconds after you press the shut down button,
the use this command “Shutdown /s/t 20″ .Here 20 refers to time in second”.Shutdown
will be delayed for 20 seconds).
Click on the next button and name the shortcut which you have created.

windows 8 shutdown name

Click on the finish button.You have successfully created shutdown button.
Shutdown button which you have created will look the image given below.Of course you
can change the icon of shutdown button.

windows 8 shutdown logo change
Right click on the shutdown button and click on the properties tab.

windows 8 shutdown properties
In the properties window you will see change icon option.Click on change icon option.
An alert window will ask you choose the icon from list of icons.

windows 8 shutdown logo choose
Choose the icon which looks like shutdown button (of course it is up to you).

Now you have to add it to windows start screen.This task is even more simple.
Right click on the shutdown button and click on the Pin to Start Option.
Very simple right..
Now you are done with your work.

Go to the start screen to see whether you have successfully added the shutdown button.

Hope you find this article useful.For more windows tips and tricks please do visit our site.



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