Airdroid:Share Files Between PC and Android Phone or Tablet Using Wifi


Before the Smart phone Revolution transfer of files between PC and Phone was done using
Bluetooth or via Cable.Of course you can still use these methods to transfer or share files
between devices.
There are some drawbacks and limitations in sending files using Bluetooth and USB Cable.
a)Sending files using Bluetooth makes the task easy but the main drawback is speed limit.
To send a large file from PC to Phone it takes minutes (may be hours).
b)Sending files via USB cable needs wired connection.So you can’t take your phone until the
task completes. But the speed of data transfer is very high when compared to that of Bluetooth.
So both the methods have positives and negatives.

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But now the scenario has changed with the evolution of smartphones.Many applications are there
which allows you to transfer the files only by making use of Internet Data.Today we are going
to see one such app which is best in the market till date.
“Airdroid” app can share data/files between PC (may be windows or MAC) and Android Phone very
easily and ofcourse very fast.
Only limitation with Airdroid app is you must have wifi connection i.e, both the PC and Android
phone should be in same wifi range.
Sharing of Files between PC and Android Phone depends of your Internet Speed.If you are using
high speed internet then you can expect the same speed.
Features Of Airdroid Application

a)You can View photos in Your Phone On PC
b)You can send and Receive SMS from PC at your comfort.
c)Can Use Android Phones Camera on PC with ease
d)Can Take Screenshots of your Phone
f)You can locate and lock your Android when it’s lost.
g)You can manage the apps very easily.

In one Line:You can manage everything in Android Phone on a PC’s Web Browser,just by using
Wireless Connection.

Lets come back to our topic i.e, how to transfer files between Android Phone and PC with
Airdroid Application

How to Connect Android Phone to PC with Airdroid Application

1)Download and Install the Airdroid Application on your Device.
Search in Google Play store for Airdroid application.

2)After Successful installation of Airdroid app,launch the app.

3)For the first time users a tour will show for easy understanding.Don’t skip this tour.(hardly
takes 3 minutes to complete).

4)Now you will find IP address and URL on the app.Note them as you have enter them on your PC’s
Web browser to establish the connection.

5)Open Web browser in your PC and type the Url or Ip address of Airdroid App Server and press
enter.Now a window will open which would prompt you to accept the connection.

6)On your Android Phone,tab the Scan QR Code on the app.This would open the camera app on your
android device.Point the camera to QR code on Desktop Application.
(your Android phone must have a QR Scanner or create a new one).
Or Enter the password displayed in airDroid Web application on your PC.

transfer files with airdroid Apllication

Now you have successfully connected your Android Phone to PC with Airdroid Application.

How to Send and Receive Files from PC to Android Phone Vice Versa using Airdroid App

To transfer files between PC and Phone,go to Airdroid Web application on your PC.Click on the
“FILES” option in interface and move to the specific folder or file which you want to upload or

Choose UPLOAD option to Send files from PC to Phone.
Choose DOWNLOAD option to send Files from Phone to PC.

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