Alphabet Vs Apple [ Which is most valuable company Google’s Parent Company or Apple ]

Alphabet vs apple

Yes, earlier it was Apple, but now the Crown is with Alphabet. People familiar with technology very well know Alphabet as Google parent company. Apple first came into limelight when in 2010 it had the valuation of $ 220 billion and even surged ahead that of Microsoft. Since then it never looked back and even went ahead of Exxon Mobil. Both Apple and Alphabet enjoyed valuations close to $ 200 billion for around four years. Apple was recognized as a world leader not only in technology but among overall industries.

This is not for the first time that Google become more valuable than Apple. Yes, it was in early 2010 when both companies have valuations around $200 billion. Few people know that Google was more valuable than the apple from the year 2004 to 2008. Apple began its race only when it concentrated on iPhone.

Since July last year, as the investors were worried about future of iPhone, Apple shares slid sixteen percent. During the same time, investors’ optimism in Google’s future led its shares to rise by forty-four percent! Thanks to the quarterly earnings. Google’s stock shot up by a massive eight percent from $ 752 to $ 813. In its quarter ending report, Google report, the company reported revenue of $21.3 billion that is up by 18%. During the quarter, aggregate paid clicks rose thirty-one percent. Ceo Sundar Pichai proudly noted during the earning call that Gmail has now more than one billion active monthly users. The investors who were earlier worried because of the Google’s plan of ambitious projects like driver less cars and smart homes were pleasantly surprised by the quarterly results.

At the time when Apple is struggling to compete with low priced Android, Google is much comfortable because of its massive profit from advertisement business. Investors are happy with the Google’s flexible nature of doing business. The way in which Google reactivated its YouTube in Pakistan is much appreciable. Also, as Google is planning to enter China again with the play store, revenues are going to increase again. Needless to say here that even a school student like to use Google Chrome for its searches. There is also news that Google is working hard to convince developers to make Chrome optimised websites.

Since long even people who like Apple use Google’s software for using the Apple’s hardware. Some even say that Apple products lack innovation. For example, the Apple watch, or iPhone 6s as it was just like earlier iPhone with few updates.


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