Basic Requirements to Get Approved by BuySellAds

Buysellads requirement

Buysellads is one the leading advertising company.Every blogger tries to get approved by them (BSA).After Google Adsense almost every bloggers dream is Buysellads. Getting approved for Buysellads is not easy compared to Google Adsense. But the amount you get from Buysellads is more than Adsense. With minimum care you can easily get your blog approved by Buysellads.

Tips to Get Your Blog Approved by Buysellads

1)Top Level Domain (TLD) 

Without top level domain it is impossible to get approved by Buysellads.For example If you are using a free domain name like or then dont apply for BSA.

2)More The Traffic more would be the chance to get approved by Buysellads

Main criteria to get approved is traffic to your blog.More the traffic more would be your chance to get approved.You blog should get minimum 50k impressions to get approved.So try to build more Traffic to your blog by using proper Search Engine Optimization (seo).

3)Improve Rankings of your blog

Alexa Rank,Google Page rank determines the value of your blog.Of course there are many other factors but try to increase Alexa and googe pagerank to increase your chance to get approved by Buysellads.

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4)Don’t Apply for BSA with incomplete Website

Incomplete and under maintenance sites never get approved.So while applying for BuysellAds your site must be live,finished and have fresh content.

5)Write Fresh Content with Regular Updates

Write fresh content with regular updates.Giving regular updates will automatically increase 
your blogs traffic and alexa rank.

6)Don’t go for Inappropriate content

Site which contains inappropriate content or adult content would not get approved by Buysellads.

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7)Don’t Place too Many Advertisements while applying 

Don’t place too many advertisements while applying.This would decrease your chance to get approved.

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8)Non English Websites have low chance to get Approved

Non English Websites have low chance to get approved by Buysellads. There are many non English websites which have huge traffic got approved by BSA.

Follow the above tips and increase your chance to get approved by Buysellads.