Best 101 Classified Sites in India For Job Postings and Advertisements

classified sites listWe often see many small letter advertisements in newspapers and websites. These are classified advertisements. There are many websites that are dedicated solely for this classified advertisments. Nowadays people use newspapers for this advertisements only if they are not aware of the classified websites. To put an advertisment in newspapers you need to pay something. The cost of putting  classified advertisemens on websites  is very low or sometimes free. These advertisements are mainly used for the simple purpose like selling an old bike to big purpose like selling bungalow of five crores.  These advertisements are grouped according to specific categories. Like ” For Rent”, ” For sale”, etc. It is always advisable to put the advertisments on classified websites reather than putting on news papers. The obvious reason is that here generally you need not pay anything to have this advertisement. Also, it is very simple to put the advertisement on this websites. All you need to just give some basic information like an email id and mobile number to make an account on this sites. You are provided with a login id and password that you use to access your account. Some of the famous websites that offer classified advertisements are quikr, olx, etc. I am giving here a  list of the top 101 classified sites. Depending on your requirement, you may use any of the sites. For example, some sites concentrate on a  particular industry like real estate or textiles. Sites such as Quikr and Olx has advertisements from almost every business.  As most of these sites allow you to put an advertisement without any expense, you may try some of them and then after seeing the result, you may regularly use the sites that give the maximum response.

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Top 101 Free Classified Sites Every Internet Marketer Should Be Aware of









36.IndiaBook.Com Classifieds

97.Admaya. In






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