Best 24 Free and Paid Keyword Research Tools for Search Engine Traffic

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Keyword Research tools helps in finding what people are searching on Search Engines.Keyword Discovery Tools gather information from various search engines and store the data with them.
Using Keyword tools you can target the best keywords which suit’s your Blog.Writing a blog post by placing the best keywords (using keyword research tool) would increase your search traffic by 10 times.Don’t try to use your brain for keywords,instead use keyword tools to research for the best available keywords.There are many free and premium keywords tools available for 
bloggers.Using Paid Keyword Tools would give your better results when compared to Free Keyword Research Tools.Lets see the list of top Keyword Selector Tools for Better SEO.

List of Best Free and Paid Keyword Generator Tools for Effective Research

1)Wordtracker (Paid)

Wordtracker is one the best tool every SEO Optimizer looks at.With Wordtracker Keyword Research Tool you can get the trusted keywords.No need to work and waste your valuable time by working on Keyword Research.You can save time and get best targeted keyword for your blog.Using 
Worktracker will definitely boost you Search Engine Rankings.Get the latest and popular keywords used in by people in search engines.Word tracker is only available for Premium Users.
2)Keyword Discovery (Paid)

Keyword Discovery is seo tool to do Keyword research.Keyword Discovery compiles keyword search statistics from all the major search engines world wide,to create the most powerful Keyword Research tool.With Keyword Discovery tool you can get the best keywords for your Blog in no time.This tool is available in Premium Version.
3)Ubersuggest (Free)

Ubersuggest is free keyword Generator Tool.Get best keyword ideas with Ubersuggest the free keyword suggestion tool that makes use of Google and many other services.Just type the Primary Keyword in the Search Box and press Suggest Button (type Captcha).You will get a list of keywords in alphabetical and numerical order. Ubersuggest is free tool with premium features.
4)Seobook Keyword list Generator (Free)

Seobook tool allows you to generate huge list of keyword phrases.Just enter the data (keywords and quantifiers ) in the boxes,rest will be done by keyword tool.It generates or combines Quantifiers and Keywords to give you the best results.One of the best keyword generator tool.
5)Google Keyword Planner (Adwords) (Free)

Google Adwords Tool is popular keyword tool available for free.Actually Adwords was made for Ad Campaigning.But we can use it as keyword research tool.Recently Google has changed the name features and renamed the Keyword Tool as “Keyword Planner”.Just type a keyword or keyword 
phrase and press enter.It would display you the huge keyword lists.A free tool with extraordinary features (a product Google).
6)Bing Keyword Research Tool (Free)

Bing is the Second largest Search Engine next to Google.Bing provides Keyword research tool similar to Google keyword tool.You can get keywords and keyword ideas based on the language,country etc.You can customize it in your way. Bing Keyword suggestion tool is free and is available with Bing webmaster tools. Bing would give the organic keywords (keywords from Bing 
Search Engine) from the last 6 months.
7)SpyFu (Paid)

Spyfu Keyword Research tool will reveal your competitors SEO Secrets.You can find the Keywords of your competitors (of course same niche) and can outrank them.With Spyfu you can Search for any domain and see where the web pages rank in Google.You can get details and history  of every keyword for the last 6 years. Spyfu is undoubtedly the best Keyword research tool.It is 
available for paid users.
8)Google Search as Keyword Research Tool (Free)

Use Google Search Engine as Keyword tool for search engine optimization.Just type your primary keyword in Google Search and press space.It would display you a list of keyword ideas.Note down all these keywords.Select one keyword from the above list and type it in Google Search (and hit space).Now again you would get a list of keywords.Using this method you can generate a huge 
list of Keywords.In my opinion this is the best keyword Research Tool.

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9)Micro Niche Finder (Paid)

Micro Niche Finder is for paid users.You can choose the best profitable keywords for your niche website.For every keyword it gives you the level of competition you have to face.If for a particular keyword Red mark appears,then the competition is very high for that keyword.Green 
Color indicates that competition is low.
10)Hittail (Paid)

Hittail is one of the best Long Tail Keyword Tools available.With Hittail you can increase search Engine traffic to your blog by focusing on the most promising organic keywords.You can get suggestions based on your existing traffic.Best Long tail keyword Discovery tool to increase targeted traffic to your website. Hittail keyword Tool is available for premium members.

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11)Moz Keyword Analysis (Paid)

With Moz’s Keyword Analysis Tool you can enter up to 20 keywords to see their difficulty and  average monthly search volume.You can get top 10 rankings for any keyword,based on score obtained. Moz’s Keyword Tool is only available for Paid Users (starts  at 99$ per month).
12)Raven Tools (Paid)

Raven’s Research Central is unique tool which combines domain and keyword research into one search.With Raven Tool you can easily analyze Domain Authority,Page Authority,External Links,Referring domains,Social Signals and many more.Raven Tool is available for premium members.Of course you can enjoy the trial version for 30 Days.
13)Advanced Web Ranking (Paid)
Advanced Web Ranking gathers data from Google,Semrush,yahoo,wordtrakcer and many search engines.It analyses all the gathered data stores it in a database.Advanced Web Ranking Tool helps you in targeting the best keywords for your blog.For 99$ you would get basic keyword research tool.Advanced keyword research functionality is available with plans starting at $399 for a lifetime license.
14)Keyword Spy (Paid)

Keyword Spy is paid keyword Research Tool which allows you to spy on your Competitors Keywords.(The Name itself indicates it).Just type the domain name in the search box given and press will get the details like PPC overview and Organic Overview (how much a domain investing on paid advertisement).
15)Wordpot (Free)

Wordpot Keyword Research Tool is for Free and Premium Users. Wordpot may not be listed in top keyword tools but it can give you good results.With Free Account you can do 25 Searches per day.If you want more searches then go for Premium Account.
17)Wordstream (Free)

Wordstream Keyword tool is available for free.It has over 3 trillion keywords as given in their website.Main feature of Wordstream tool it allows you to find long tail keywords with ease.A Worth to use keyword tool.
18)Semrush (Paid)

Semrush Keyword tool is only for paid members.You can search for your competitors keywords (both organic and paid) to beat them in Search Engines.You can get detailed analysis of your competitors keyword.By seeing this report you can easily guess whether your blog can rank for particular Keyword.
19)Keyword Eye (Paid)

Keyword Eye is paid keyword tool which is unique.With Keyword Eye you can easily get your competitors keyword list.It helps you in finding out which keywords are being used to link to you.Best research tool to analyse inbound links.
20)Long Tail Pro (Paid)

Long Tail Pro is the best long tail keyword research tool.It helps you to research keywords.It has the ability to research domains based on keyword search results.Long tail pro is for premium members.With 97$ you can get lifetime license to use Longtailpro.
21)Google Trends (Free)
With Google Trends you would get list of top searched topics in a day,week,month and year.After getting the list of trending topics use other Keyword tools and gather keywords for your blog post.Google Trends is a product of Google and is available for free.
22) (Free)

Serps Meta Keyword Research Tool is for free of cost.Just enter the keyword phrase in the box and press enter.You will get the keyword results from Google,Bing,Youtube,Google Trends and many more.You can even get email report of the results to your mail.It is one the popular keyword research tool.
23)Seoquake (Free)

Seoquake is a free extension or addon for Firefox.With Seoquake you can analyze the website of a selected competitor for the keywords.Install this addon on your browser.Seoquake is also available for Safari and Opera.
24)Soovle (Free)

Soovle Keyword Suggestion tool is available for free.It gives you the best keywords by analyzing all the major Search Engines
Hope the above listed of Top Keyword Research Tool helps you.
Keyword Research Tools for Beginners and Advanced users