Best 6 GIMP Plugins to Customize Photos in Exciting Way [ 2016 ]

GIMP, officially known as GNU image manipulating program, is a very effective tool when it comes to customizing photos. Because of its flexibility, it is a must-have and here are six of the best GIMP plugins currently available.

Top 6 GIMP Plugins For Photographers and Photo Lovers

1)FX Foundry

Being the most famous and arguably the best gimp extension, it initially contained at least 150 scripts. In an effort to make it the true best of the best, it was revised down to only the best 100 image processor scripts. This really comes in handy especially for professional designers especially because it eliminates the need for one to download the scripts one by one when in need. It creates a menu inside GIMP of which one can be able to utilize all of the features and scripts contained in it.

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Hot on FX Foundry’s heels in terms of fame, it contains hundreds of filters, presets and also effects that you can use on your images. There is also a free online version of G’MIC which one can use directly from the browser without necessarily downloading it. This is really effective especially if you are the type of person who takes a lot of caution in what you download and install.

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This is a highly effective and outstanding extension that proves to be quite handy especially if you are a seasoned GIMP user. It gives an individual the ability to interchange texture between images and even eliminate an undesirable object from an image. Fun fact, the plugin was available in GIMP long before Photoshop developed a similar extension.

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4)GIMP Extensions Pack for Windows

GIMP is not only reserved for Linux users, and this extensions pack ensures that windows users are able to access all the features and advantages provided by GIMP. It contains a massive amount of plugins which ensures that you don’t need to install each one of them one by one when you download the Extensions Pack

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5)Palette Generator

Palette Generator deserves a place on this highly coveted list of best GIMP plugins because of its ability to allow a user to generate extensive color palettes easily with the guide of simple adjustable criteria. It is a must-have tool for enthusiasts and professional designers and although there are a number of free tools online that can be used to perform similar functions, none of them can do it as simple and neat s Palette Generator.

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In this brave new world that we live in today, most elements of our lives has moved online. This has lead to the birth of online pirates who specialize in stealing others content. This practice really undermines the efforts of genuine content developers and this is why Watermark makes it on this list. It is a simple yet very effective plugin that gives you the ability to include a watermark text on your images to avoid piracy and also helps in self advertising. You can adjust the font of the watermark on the image and also the position you would like it to be. Truly, it is one of the best GIMP plugins.

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Hope the above given list of Gimp plugins 2016 will help you customizing the photographs in your own way.Guys if you find this article useful please do share it with your friends on social media

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