Best Alternative for Google Alerts

Google Alerts allows users to receive email notifications of updated Google results for a search query or keyword. This will help users in monitoring news story or be alerted of new stories mentioning a brand or individual.Marketers, social media managers, publicists, journalists and researchers make use of Google Alerts.One of the best tools from Google.

But now its different Scenario.Google Alerts is not working properly.May be it will go in way of Google Reader.If this happens then many people who depends on Google Alerts should go for an alternative.

I have been searching for Google Alerts alternative and came across Mention a 1 year startup.


Mention called Itself as “reinvention” of Google Alerts.
With Mention You can track up to 500 results per month for up to three keywords for free.Beyond thsi you want more from Mention then you should go for Premium plans available with them.

Mention produces its  results in around(42) languages from Facebook, Twitter, news sites, blogs, forums and other websites.It even includes image and video results.It Has built in Spam Filter and Store the result in priority order.If you dont want to get results from a platform like Twitter — you can do it easily.You can receive updates through email on a daily or weekly basis like google Alerts

Desktop interface of Mention is better than Google Alerts in terms of design and performance.The company also offers apps for iPhone and Android devices so you can monitor your alerts on the go.

Sign up for a free account here.