Best Free Seo Tools for On page Off page Optimization of a blog

best online seo tools

Google Search has been dominating the search Engine market since the last 10 years.Every
webmaster and bloggers primary motto is to get high search traffic.To achieve this feat
webmaster must follow all the guidelines given by Google search team without violating a single
one.Over the years Google has taken many steps to improve search engine results (serps).
Expert webmasters and pro-bloggers are manipulating the search results with the black hat
techniques.To avoid and eliminate this black hat seo techniques Google is releasing search
algorithm updates regularly.Panda,Penguin and Humming bird are such updates which had created
impact on thousands of bloggers around the world.Blogger’s who followed the seo guidelines
given by Google has seen significant increase in search traffic and who violated them have
seen drastic decrease in search traffic. Seo is a long term process which will make your website
fruitful for sure.There are many paid services to create seo campaign for your blog.But before
going for such paid services go to hundreds for free seo tools available on the web.
In this article i am going to share you the best free seo tools to analyze the on page and
offpage optimization for a blog’s success.

List of best Free Search Engine Optimization Tools for Websites Success.

This online tools will help you in learning seo.

1)Ubersuggest -Free Keyword Research Tool
Ubersuggest is a keyword suggestion tool which provides long tail keywords.It takes data from
Google and many other sources and save it in its database.
Use long tail keywords in a to write high quality content.As low quality content is no more
going to get you search results.As Google has been eyeing on all the negative seo techniques to
improve search results,low quality spammy contents are not going to work.
Ofcourse there are many other free keyword research tools which will do the work,but
ubersuggest is the one which you can rely on and trust blindly.

2)Removeem –Online tool to Optimize Anchor Text
Removeem is best online seo tool to check anchor text optimization.This tool highlights those
areas where you are at risk for anchor text over optimization.

3)Copy Scape–Free Plagiarism Checker
Best Free Seo tool to check online copied content.With Copyscape you can search for the copies
of your content on the web.

4)Seobin –Title and Description Optimization Tool is title and description optimization tool which is available for free.

5)Feedthebot –Online Image Seo Opmization Tool
This tool will look at a webpage and examine how well the images on that page are following
basic image SEO techniques.

Link:Feedthebot Online Image Optimization Tool

6)Snippet Optimizer–Google Snippet Optimizer
What appears in Google Search Results is seen with Google Snippet Optimizer.

7)WordStream –Keyword Research Tool
Wordstream is free keyword research tool with many features which is not less than the paid
keyword discovery tools.Wordstraem has three million keyword data base which makes your task
easy to find related keywords for your blog.

8)Keyword Eye
Keyword Eye can help you finding your competitors keywords.It is available in both free and
paid versions.Free Version of Keyword Eye will allow 10 keyword searches per day and upto 100
keyword suggestions per report.It has huge database with 25 Google country keywords.
Sign Up for a free account and enjoy researching your competitors keywords.

Ahrefs site explorer is the largest index of links.You can get backlink report and Seo report
with this online tool.Undoubtedly the best online seo tool every webmaster and blogger should

10)Majestic Seo
Online tool which is similar to ahref’s site explorer.A must use site to analyze the backlinks
and seo reports of a blog.

11)Open Site Explorer
Open Site Explorer is Moz’s Search Engine for Links.With Opensiteexplorer you can perform
competitive link research,explore backlinks,anchor text and many more.

Smallseotools is online free seo tool to analyze a blog.It has many tools like plagiarism
checker,website speed checker,spell checker,keyword position and many more.Smallseotools is
collection of usefull seo online tools for bloggers.

13)Google Search Engine
We all know google as search Engine.But with Google even you can find the best long tail
keywords which suits your blog.Google itself is best online seo tool.

14)Youtube Keyword Tool
Youtube is considered as second largest search Engine after Google.Use it in precise way to get
the best results.It can be helpful for content and video related keywords.

15)Google Adwords
Google Adwords Keyword tool is the Top Free Seo Keyword Research Tool by Google.Create an
account with google or use your gmail account which you have already created.Login to the
account and search the keyword ideas which suits your blog.

16)Xenu’s Link Sleuth — Broken Link Checker
Xenu’s Link Sleuth is online broken link checker for better seo. It is a desktop software that
checks the broken links and gives you a perfect report.

Click here to download :Xenu’s Link Sleuth

17)Yellowpipe –Robots txt Generator
Yellow pipe robots.txt generator is free online seo tool to create robots.txt file for your
blog.User friendly interface of Yellow Pipe robots.txt generator makes it even easy to create
robots.txt file for newbies without any technical knowlegde

18) Robots txt checker
This tool analyses the robot.txt file of a blog.This robots.txt checker is a “validator” that
analyzes the syntax of a robots.txt file to see if its format is valid

19)Google Analytics
Google Analytics is the most popular analytics tool on the web.

20) –Convert word documents to clean html with free online tool
The name itself gives you clear picture of what functionality the online tool is going to
provide.It supports documents in Microsoft word format and similar ones.One of the best online
seo tool to work with.

21)URI Valet Header Checker
With URI Valet you can check the server Header,total number of header requests and many more.

Easiest way to create HTML with microdata. Structured data is a way for search engine
machines to make sense of content in your HTML.

Hope this online tools can help you in analyzing your blog to make it to next level.
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