Best Free TeamViewer Alternatives [ Remote Desktop Software Replacement ]

What would be your answer for the best pc remote control software? Definitely it is TeamViewer. Thanks to the groundbreaking software that made lives easier. Here’s the downside of TeamViewer. Though it is free for individual users, the service charges are levied for organizations and companies. This is where TeamViewer looses its potential.

Other similar software’s have advantages like application sharing, VoIP and webcam that gives faster desktop sharing and great flexibility to customize your work.

To give users a better sense of Teamviewer alternatives for free, we have compiled the best picks keeping in mind all the essences that any naïve and end users expect from remote desktop software’s.

Best 5 Substitutes for TeamViewer to Look At 

1)Windows remote desktop connection:

best alternative to teamviewer

Don’t get disguised with the fact that Microsoft offers remote desktop connection for free. The software has a huge potential and on the other hand its easiness to use nature had earned a wide range of audiences.

Setting up this big boy is as easy as cakewalk. The router of the remote PC has to be set to 3389. Multiple PC support is not what this nifty tool can handle.

2) Real VNC:

real vnc best teamviewer substitute

Secure connection establishment is the other word for Real VNC. Unlike other software’s in the market that provide only remote connection to desktop with less security measures, real vnc establishes a highly reliable connection with outstanding features like encryption, VNC authentication and chat facility to ensure that person on the other end has boded well.

Real VNC is available on all platforms like windows, Macintosh, Linux in two different versions. The first version is free for personal use, $30/desktop for private and $44/desktop for enterprise use.

3) best alternative to teamviewer

Designed and developed keeping in mind of the business purpose, Join.mehas some outstanding notable features which other software’s aren’t capable of achieving. If you are in a business field, instant meeting, screen sharing and multiple person connect is what you’ll expect from remote desktop connection software. Well, lets you connect to 250 clients (premium account) hassles sly and a presenter swap lets participants in session share their viewpoints across the attendees.

Speaking of pricing, its $15 per month for pro plan and $19 per month for enterprise plan (equipped with premium meetings and better project management).

4) Splashtop:

splashtop best teamviewer alternate

Owning a channel in YouTube, a professional gamer broadcasting gaming sessions or a tutor teaching lessons involves dealing with gigabytes of media files. The way Splashtop deals with media content is pretty awesome. Accessing media files on remote desktop with minimum latency is what that made Splashtop a better teamviewer alternative.

Splashtop extended its functionality from desktop to portable devices like mobiles and tablets. Splashtop is very easy to use and comes with affordable pricing options. It is easy to use for 6 months from the day you install on your device. To enjoy uninterrupted premium features like file sharing, stream audio and video you should definitely opt for a good package.

5) Chrome remote desktop:

chrome remote desktop as teamviewer replacement
Rather than downloading gigabytes of software that simply eats up your computer memory, chrome took an advanced step that provides remote desktop connection with a simple Google chrome extension.

If you are looking for a remote desktop tool without even disrupting your work on the browser, chrome remote desktop comes to mind in first place. Don’t even think of security as a concern. Chrome remote desktop add-on inherited the best security features from Google chrome.




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