Best Google Adsense Alternatives 2015 for Bloggers & Niche Blogs

adsense alternatives

Google Adsense is one of the best monetization Program which
is trusted and high paying one.

Getting Google adsense approval is not an easy task and many of
the bloggers are trying hard to get adsense approval.
One more thing is “Keeping Google Adsense Safe” i.e preventing
Adsense account from getting banned is even more hectic task.
Adsense Approval & ban is not in your hands so it is better to look
at the best adsense alternative which can help you in monetizing a blog.

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This would not only gives you extra monthly income,but also make
your blog earnings safe and secure (minimum).

I have seen many pro bloggers who ere earning more than 10000 Dollars
per month with adsense but got banned overnight.

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So my sincere advice is not to depend on single way to monetize a

Use every possible way to monetize the blog.

In this article we are going to look at the best adsense alternatives
for indian publishers.

There are hundreds of Ad Networks around the web through which
you guys can monetize the blog.But it is your responsibility to choose
the right ad network depending on the blog niche and traffic stats.

Mostly all the Ad networks accepts the blogs for monetization. But some of them
has set minimum criteria (Alexa rank,Monthly Visits) to accept the
blog with their ad network.

Lets get back to out topic “Best Adsense alternatives for bloggers

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1) a contextual ad network by Yahoo and Bing is the best
alternative to Google Adsense.If your blog has decent traffic and
good authority then you can easily get approval.
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Chitika Ad network may not be as good as Google Adsense in terms
of earnings but you can surely use this network as Adsense Alternative.
Unlike Adsense or other advertising networks you need not get approval
to monetize the blog.Just create an account with them,and start
monetizing your blogs.Even a blog with very low traffic can be
use with chitika.
Create Account with Chitika


Infolinks is the leading in text ad network ,through which we can
earn some extra income .Inframe,Intag Infold and Inscreen are other
ad types which infolinks offers.If you activate all the above
mentioned infolinks ad types,then surely we can say Infolinks as
best Google Adsense Alternative.Getting infolinks approval is
very easy and it take 2 to 3 working days to review your blog by
infolinks team.Even a low traffic site can get infolinks

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Join with Infolinks


Buysellads is the best alternative to Google adsense which can
make you earn more than what you earn with adsense.But getting
Buysellads approval is not an easy. Buysellads is not a traditional
way of advertising ,instead you can sell some space on your blog for
advertisers.To get Buysellads approval you blog must have high traffic,
Domain authority and Good Alexa arank.

Buysellads Minimum Publishers Requirements
Apply for Buysellads

5)Direct Advertising

In my Opinion Direct Advertising is the best option as you need not
depend on third party advertising networks.
But your blog should have outstanding stats that can attract
advertisers to advertise on your blog.
Your top priority should be to write posts with high quality
posts regularly,increase Alexa rank,increase domain authority
and domain popularity to get direct advertisers.

6)Affiliate Marketing

Many of pro bloggers choose affiliate marketing as main source
of earnings from a blog.To achieve this task,you should
create or make regular blog visitors as loyal readers.
For new bloggers affiliate marketing is a tedious task,
but with time you can easily earn huge income from
Affiliate marketing.

7)Sponsored Posts

With Good Alexa rank it is very much possible to get
sponsored posts or paid reviews for your blog.
So your only priority is to increase Alexa rank below 50K
in order to attract sponsored posts with high pay.

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Other Ad networks which can be used with adsense alternatives for
niche blogs or as replacement of Google Adsense
15)Revenue Hits

Conclusion :

Above mentioned ad networks are best adsense alternatives.Some of them
are even better than adsense in terms of earnings.If you know any other
better Adsense Substitutes then please do let me know in
the comment section.

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