Best Google Chrome Extensions to Install on Chrome Browser

We love Internet. Particularly when using Google Chrome you may encounter something like Extensions. An extension is a basic tool that integrates into your browser just to save your time and energy without compromising your productivity and the way you use Internet.

Here are the most frequently downloaded best extensions for Chrome 2015.

1) 1password

Who on Earth likes to remember passwords all the time when you have 1password.It’s a virtual password management extension for Mac and windows. All your passwords stored in 1password are 256-bit encrypted. With just a few clicks you can auto fill your login credentials.


Not disrespecting chrome for its traditional white colored wallpaper. Sometimes you need a motivation just to get started with your day. Momentum replaces Google default wallpaper with nice gorgeous photo, the time, an inspirational quote, and a “main focus” which you can set at the beginning of the day.


•3)Coupons at checkout 

If you are willing to save some bucks when shopping online then this is the best extension you can look for. Coupons at checkout automatically detects the website you were shopping on and searches for the best coupons you can apply for.

coupons at checkout

4) Ad blocker

Ever been a victim of being redirected to unusual websites when watching your favourite movie online. Here comes the Ad blocker. This amazing extension blocks unwanted ads on your webpage and lets you enjoy your work. If you are generous enough you can donate as little as you can to the developer and unlock its premium features.


5) FBDown Video Downloader

Most video sites like YouTube, 9GAG, and Facebook etc. wont let you download videos you like. But that’s not downside for FBDown Video Downloader. But the only notable limitation is YouTube as Google wont allows extensions to rip their video streaming service.

6) Strict WorkFlow

The problem when working is that there are greater chances of getting distracted. This productive extension- Strict WorkFlow will takeover the distraction by blocking websites that might distract you or create a whitelist of sites to allow.

strict workflow

7)Xmarks bookmark sync

Google has its own way of managing your bookmarks provided you’re using Google chrome. If you bounce between multiple browsers like safari, Firefox, Internet explorer etc. this extension is a perfect alternative. Xmarks saves all your bookmarks from different browsers in one place.


8) Google Dictionary

This extension form Google is particularly useful for students who were enthusiastic to brush up their vocabulary. Once installed, you can double click on any word in the web page. A short pop-up appears displaying the meaning of the word.

google dictionary

9) Better search

Your day at office usually begins with a search. Why not make Google a little bit powerful with the help of this extension? The in-built preview option lets you have a glance at the webpage without even opening it, which is a massive time saving feature.

All these best extensions for Chrome 2105 are specially compiled by keeping your requirements in mind. To get the best experience from Google Chrome, trying these specially crafted extensions is worth a shot.


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