Best Internet speed test sites to check Download Speed

Internet service providers often use the words upload and download speeds when you initially signup for new broadband connection. A better Internet speed means better browsing, null latency, better upload and download speeds.

Recent statistics have proven that seven out of ten Internet service providers (ISP) are not delivering the right Internet speed that you have paid for.

Even though you have opted the fastest connection your internet service provider offers and still you feel that there is mismatch in the numbers. Here’s a list of browser-based speed tests that you can totally rely upon them to check internet speed and they are absolutely free.

Best 4 Internet Speed Check Tools with Your Browser

Designed, developed and hosted by ookla, many of netizens found this website to be reliable to check their Internet speed. Equipped with 2500 servers globally, test results shows up different parameters like latency, packet loss, upload and download speeds of your Internet connection.

internet speed test

The site uses flash plugin based applets that estimated your connection information during the test. You can fill out a survey after the test and discuss about the results in ookla forum.

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Bandwidth place:

At a glance you can find it attractive with its feathery user interface. At the backend its even more powerful. This site has been around since 2002 and in 2013 it changed its testing protocol to extend its services to mobile devices.

bandwidth place

Server selection can be done automatically taking lowest ping as input parameter and manually test server can be selected to check how latency effects your connection speed.

 Ping test:

Not frequently discussed but ping test stands good in the viewpoint of testers. One most discussed aspect feature is that its colorful speedometers change dynamically depending upon the test results.

ping test speed checker

Every time you take a test, ping test stores results as logs and can be compared in near future. Ping test returns upload and download speeds, latency after many iterations from statistically selected nearby servers.


Visualware’s speed test is not for easy goers but definitely for networking engineers to estimate the connection in every possible aspect. This test provides a wide range of checkups that other testers wont even think of in this domain.

visual ware

Testing parameters include network consistency, latency, jitter, round around time. Myspeedvisualware even performs complicated tasks like firewall settings and tuning them.

These are by far the best-mentioned websites to check internet speeds. If you curious enough to find internet speeds from other sites other than these, here’s a list of some of the honourable mentions.

 Ookla has a kind of monopoly tradition in digital world. Probably because its their technology that adopts itself to different testing environments and strategies. Some of the speed tests however have ookla software power packed in the backend but use their server as testing points. It’s evident that ookla is the best in its domain and forever be.

If you guys know other good internet speed testing tool which we have missed here,please do let us know..



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