Best Online Domain Name Generator Tools for a Blog 2014


Creating a blog or website is very easy.But to make it run successfully you have to work
smartly.There are hundreds of things you should consider before starting a blog like choosing
right niche,choosing best web hosting and many more.One such factor which impacts a blog success
is domain name.Before buying a domain name you should be very careful in choosing the best one
which suits the blog niche.If you are going for micro niche blog then make sure the primary
keyword should be in the domain name.
Thinking to start a broad niche blog and want to create a brand value? Then choose the domain
name smartly.Don’t be in a hurry to choose the domain name.
Take some days to research and choose the best domain name for a blog.

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A blog is something like a new born baby..while Choosing a domain name for a blog you should
think as if you are naming your baby.
A good domain name can create huge difference in blog’s success.
You don’t need to scratch your head for domain name ideas.Many online domain generator tools
are available for free to serve the purpose.
In this article i am giving you the list of best domain generator tools to find unique domain
names.Use this Domain Generator Tools to find a perfect domain name for your blog.

domain generator tools

Top Free Online Domain Name Generator Tools

Domainsbot is one of the best online tools to find domain names for a blog.Domainsbot is
undoubtedly the number one domain name search engine.Just type th keyword in the search box of
Domainsbot.You can see drop down list of the domain names with specified keyword given by you.
Option is provided for you to include the synonyms in the domain names.If you want to get list
of domain names with synonyms then just include add synonyms filter to domain generator tool.
User Friendly interface of Domainsbot is one of the reason its success.
You can even find the premium domain names and whois information at Domainsbot.

Generating a cool domain name is an easy task with Namestation.You can generate a domain name
and also create a contest to choose the best ideas from other users of Namestation. Just create
a new account to search for the best domain name and to conduct contests.Contestants who has
given the best domain name idea can win the competition.competition. Namestation is simply not a domain name
search tool.

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Nameboy will let you to find the best domain name which suits the niche you prefer.Just type
the primary word and secondary word(optional) which you want to include in your domain name in
the boxes provided.Hit go Nameboy go button after the entering words.words. Nameboy is will find the
best domain names with the words mentioned by you. Already registered domain names will be seen
in different and domain names which are not taken will be seen in different color for easy
picking of users.

With Nxdom you can search for the domain names which start and end specific keywords.
You can sort the order of domain names based on Shortest names first,Without numbers and
dashes,More human-readable,Popular beginning or end,Longer but most popular.

Enter the word which you want to include in domain name in the search box and hit the search
button.Now you can find the list of domain names with the specific word entered by you.This
domain names generated may include already registered domain names.You can easily differentiate
the domain names whether they are registered ones or new ones based on the color. In
Leandomainsearch you can find more number of options to customize the domain name search.

Domainhole tool can help in finding great domain name for your blog.Manually finding a domain
name is very hard but with domainhole it is an automatic process which lists you the best
available domain names for a specific term.One of the domain search tools for free in 2014.

Wordoid is a creative domain name finder.You can customize the domain name search based on
language,quality and keyword pattern.One of the most trusted domain name searcher which is
available for free of cost.

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Domainfellow is one of the leading domain name finder.Choose the best domain name based on the
keyword you has given as input.Enter the keyword which you want to include in domain name and
choose the specific category (niche).Hit the search button to find the great domain names for
your blog.

One of the best domain name suggestion tool for free.

Panabee is online domain name finder which is used by most of the internet users.Just enter the
two words as input in the search box to gather the domain name information.You can get the best
suggestions for domain name based on the query words you enter as input.

List of more domain name suggestion tools to generate unique domain name


12) Namechk







Hope this list of domain name generator tools helped you in finding the best name for your blog.
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