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The internet has become an inextricable part of our lives. Across the globe, it is used by people of all age groups, sex etc. to cover their varied needs from information to education to entertainment to even shopping, getting social etc. Facebook, YouTube, Gmail etc. are just some sites which are an integral part of our day. With both professional and social life thriving online, it is natural that the crime, as well as the snooping scene, would also move online.

Issues like hacking of crucial data and identity thefts are internet threats of a serious bend. Capturing your personal detailed data while you surf the internet and use them for profits is something that has become a pain for you and any other internet user. This has made online privacy a burning topic on the global level. The solution to the problem lies in anonymous browsing which keeps your online identity private.

Browse Anonymously Using These Proxy Sites:

Another issue while surfing is the inability to access certain sites due to various reasons like restrictions placed for your county, or by the company at the office etc. A proxy site can bypass this and make those denied sites accessible to you as well as give you a protective layer when you access the internet through a public Wi-Fi. Now that we know how important tool proxy websites are, we list below our top ten choices of proxy websites to use which comes to you at no cost.

1.Hidemyass (HMA)

One of the best premiums (paid) as well as free proxy websites, this U.K owned company flaunts over 25,000 IP address. It gives you Both VPN and proxy i.e. allows private and anonymous browsing proxy. Their handy address bar allows you to access the blocked sites or any browsed site with your IP address obscure. It also provides you numerous advanced features including SSL certification.

Website:  Link


A U.S. Glype web-based free proxy; it functions both as an online privacy tool as well as anonymous website blocker. It easily allows you to access blocked sites by bypassing all filters put in place by the government or network administrators. It stands better than most other web proxies because of its extra speed gained due to lack of any pop-up ads while browsing. To get started, all you need to do is type the domain name in the URL bar.

Website:  Link


Formerly known as, it is again a Glype based free online proxy website. Lending you anonymity as well as uncensored and unrestricted browsing, it easily unlocks all blocked content and site for you. The fact that the way to use it is mentioned clearly on its home page is an added advantage. The workflow is again quite simple. You just punch in the website that you wish to access in the space provided and let the website fetch you the resource.

Website:  Link


The fact that the browsing speed rarely slows down make this website as one of the top proxies. This is because the website is hosted on a gigabit network. It allows you options on both sides of the address bar to optimize and enhance your entire browsing experience. You are provided with options to encrypt both the page and the URL, allow or block cookies and remove all scripts and objects.

Website: Link


Acting as an HTTP or FTP proxy, this is one of the best proxy services to use if you have limited access or a less powerful server. What distinguishes this proxy website from others is the fact that it allows you to type in a country of your choice. Your IP address gets changed accordingly. Its free version is good enough but you can unlock its more advanced features by going for its paid version.

Website:  Link


Giving you free anonymity, this VPN web proxy enhances your delight and experience by selecting any of the seven languages in which it is available. In its homepage itself, it gives all your machine information. What sets this site apart from others is the offering of several free tools to use for your online identity. They are free web proxy, internet speed testing tool, ping test checker to know all about your website time and Whois tool to reveal basic information of any particular website. It also has a paid version.

Website:  Link


Advertising itself as a VPN proxy website that can effectively bypass both internet filters and firewalls, the service promises you speed, accessibility, and anonymity. The service works on various devices like mobiles, tablets, notebook, desktop etc. and provides a seamless video watching experience, thanks to its updated proxy script powered by the 4everproxy network. Very easy to use and giving you a neat, clean view with high speed, it is a favorite of many.

Website:  Link


A free web proxy server, it allows you both access to the blocked site as well as anonymity. Not only is it tuned for optimal speed and security but it also saves you tremendous bandwidth by compressing the pages that you browse along with removing all ads from it. It also supports cPanel.

Website: Link


This free online proxy website comes highly recommended for school use. Easily bypassing all firewalls, it allows you to access several websites at one go with commendable speed. You simply key in the website you wish to browse and surfing it.

Website:  Link


Its colorful interface is what attracts you when you first visit the website. With a simple address bar, ease of use and reasonable speed, you cannot help but make it your favorite proxy service to access blocked site and surf anonymously.

Website: Link

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41 Proxyfree
42 vpnmag
43 99proxy
44 base99
45 sitenable
46 webproxy
47 vpnbook
48 privoxy
49 zendproxy
50 ipalter
51 24tunnel
52 proxyhub
53 fiberprox
54 dolopo
55 sudoproxy
56 formobile
57 videounblocker
58 unblockvideos
59 ocaspro
60 usafastproxy
61 my-proxy
62 sslpro ssl proxy
63 proxyisp
64 unblockyouku
65 unblocktwitter
66 sourceproxy
67 uroxy
68 sslsecureproxy
69 proxygizlen
70 4proxy
71 proxprox
72 proxyponto
73 nqma
74 hideme
75 fastp
76 mehide
77 freeninjaproxy
78 ploxey
79 muchproxy
80 onlineproxy
81 2proxy
82 proxyforplay
83 opensurf
84 fiberproxy
85 needunblock
86 zerotunnel
87 openthis
88 undofilters
89 proxy-arabic
90 awebproxy
91 securewebproxy
92 youcanhide
93 diggingtunnels
94 zproxy
95 allunblocked
96 yxoproxy
97 mahnor
98 proxytime
99 mywebproxy
100 unblocksurfproxy
101 chinagrows
102 unblockproxy
103 Hidebux



Bottom line

No matter what your requirements are, you can easily access any site, flaunt your IP address from a country that you desire and keep your online presence completely free using these free but safe proxy websites. The list is quite extensive and is getting elongated with each passing day. While you can try new, the above-mentioned ones have stood the test of time and proved their effectiveness and security.