13 Domain Age Checker tools [ Online Tools to Check Domain Age]

Thinking about creating a website for implementing an innovative idea or just a hub for amazing blogs? Well! The first step to both of these and other similar approaches is buying a domain name and ‘ought to do’ list for the same contains checking the history and age, followed up by complete profile analysis of the domain. The Domain Age checker tools do this work for you.

These tools enable the user or the buyer of the new domain to have an idea about how successful and reliable the domain is by displaying its age and other related elements (which in turn decides its rank on Google). Since age factor is crucial in defining the credibility of the domain, information of the same aids in executing a well analyzed investment plan with the right domain.
Following is the list of some of the domain age checker tools that might help you in deciding which domain would be the best to invest and go about with the business plan and investment.

13 Best Domain Age Checker Tools Every Blogger Should Know

1. Smallseotools.com
It is a quick, user friendly online tool that gives instant result on domain’s age that too for free. All user need to do is just paste the link in the “search box” and in next one click, the reliable results are out.
2. moonsy.com
The free online tool is presently compatible with .com .net .org .biz .info .ws .us .asia .mx .be .fr.in and .uk extensions and checks the ‘whois’ record of registration for displaying accurate results related to the enquired domain. In addition to this, the tool also has a list of expired domains as well as Google position checker attribute that all together helps in deciding the credibility of the domain.
3. Rapid searchmetrics
Yet another tool that displays instant results online for free. Rapid searchmetrics also has provisions for complete site analysis via sub tools such as Multi Page Rank, Mega Tag Analyzer , Website Speed Test and so on.
4. Seo chat
Owned by Developer Shed Networks, this tool is serving the users since 2003. It’s an online tool that is free to use and gives one click spontaneous result. The tool has an additional ‘Domain Whois Lookup’ element that provides more information about the domain profile, if required.
5. webconfs.com
webconfs.com is a bulk domain age checker tool that simplifies the job of the user by letting him look for the age of multiple domains in one go. All that needs to be done is, pasting one domain in each line in the search box and submitting the same for results. Also, the tool gives the information of the competitors of the searched domains.

6. Bulk seo tools
This tool is available on android and windows app store and enables multiple tasks such as checking domain age, alexa, pagerank, dmoz and bulk whois lookup. It’s one of the most reliable tools and charges no fee for the service it provides.
7. Business Website Hosting Tools
This amazing online tool is a combination of various domain check tools such as domain availability, domain Look-up, domain whois and domain age tool which all together gives a complete profile of the enquired domain.
8. Seo mastering
Seo mastering is an online domain age checker tool that enables up to 10 domain links/urls to be analysed in one go and displays instant result in just one click.
9. Search Engine genie
This tool provides 100 percent free online service of checking the domain’s age accurately. The developers also extend the support to the users by providing a forum where queries related to any domain are dealt with.
10. Perfect optimization
This tool allows one domain’s age to be checked in one go but provides instant one click results for free. It works similar to other tools by checking the database and displaying the approximate age of the domain.
11. Congland.com
The online tool gives the info regarding the age of several domains in one go. It provides free service and its amazing ‘domain value’ sub tool adds on to its value by helping the user get the approximate value that the domain is worth for.
Like any other domain age checker tool, SEO VALLEY checks the age of the domain that has been enquired by the user. The tool is convenient, allows bulk domain checking and is free of cost.
13. Veign 
Veign domain age checker tool returns the age of a domain, from when it was registered.The online tool is free of cost and provides spontaneous result of one domain per search accurately.

Hope we have covered all the best “domain age checkers” list.Guys if we forgot to include any domain age calculator [or] if you know any other better tool to check domain age,then please do let us know.

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