Best Torrenting Websites [ Top 6 torrent sites ]

Best Torrenting Websites

best torrent websites

Torrents have been our primary source of Movies music software over the past few years. Though many of our loved sites get in some privacy related trouble, they somehow manage to bounce back in the business and magnet its users.The. Matrix-ASCII is the oldest torrent to live up from 12 years.This means that torrent user need to keep sharing and downloading them in order to keep the torrent alive. The Piratebay, one of the top torrenting site ran into trouble in early 2015 as well as early 2016 but good news for its fan is that it’s up. And running tweaking its domain name. Newcomer of previous year Yify torrents official suite YTS was also shut down but started entertaining with its unofficial domain. Keeping in mind several factors like traffic engagement, average downloads, popularity and many other, we present top torrenting site’s list

  1. KickAss torrents
  2. The Piratebay
  3. Extratorrent
  4. 1337x
  5. YTS
  6. Torrentz 

Best Torrent Websites to Download Movies & Songs

1)KickAss Torrent

  • Without any doubt,KickAss torrent usually known to us by the name is best torrenting site at the present. This torrenting masterpiece was developed in 2009 using domain but as I said earlier they run into lot of trouble and now it is operating and facilitating users like us with the name Still, it’s banned in some countries, hard-core fans always have some way out like using VPN and proxies. We can also communicate with other people using community available only after registering. It surpassed The Piratebay in last year regarding traffic to lead all the torrenting sites.

2)The Piratebay

  • The Piratebay (abbreviated as TPB), launched 12 years ago in 2003 is one of the finest torrenting site that was #1 for couple of years until last year when KickAss came charging down the line and dethroned The Piratebay. It is mainly popular for cracked softwares and games. You can search for the required content directly and apply filters to your search. This is a site loved by millions of users due to its design and clean UI.


  • Extratorrent preferably best for movies be either domestic or foreign, TV torrents, music, softwares, pictures or adult content. This site has to offer everything that a torrent site must contain. It is also regarded best for the latest movies launched. Extratorrent was firstly launched as but now due to dispute over privacy, it has changed its domain to .cc making it an website. There are several categories like most recent and popular to choose from.


  • This site is totally based on community of users on this. All the torrents are verified first before they go live on air. This means torrents from this site is always safe and verified. The files are uploaded by verified users and they share a lot so that this torrenting site becomes our #4 site. Unlike Torrentz, it also hosts file from other sites and lets you download form its own site making it a useful feature


  • YTS is unofficial version of Yify torrent as Yify was officially shut down due to various privacy concern. has also come long way to be rated #5 torrenting site beating the likes of, EZTV.AG, torrent hound and many more. It promises to do what Yify couldn’t finish after tremendous start .The feature of this site include very high quality movie torrents, famous for its 720p and 1080p movies with low memory space, giant Hollywood movies database, clean UI, etc.


  • Torrentz or more commonly is said to be google of torrents as it offer only searching of torrents from any torrenting site but doesn’t host any file. This is popular than other hosting site because of its ability to search anything from all torrent database of any torrenting site.


Hope we have covered great list of Torrent websites to download digital files like movies,songs & many other programs.If you guys feel we have missed out any other important torrent site please do let us know in the comments section.










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