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Increase the Efficiency of your PC With Top Best Free Computer Optimizer Software: We can’t tell how much excitement we are when we bring a new PC/Laptop to our home. We are thrilled with the fast startup and super fast operations of our PC. In short, our PC works like a charm in its initial days. But, eventually the peak performance starts to fade away and our machine loses its shine becoming lazy, slow and many times even unresponsive. Now the question is that why this happens??

Well! We install and uninstall many programs. Most of our un-installations are not completed properly. Lots of temporary files build up and the tons of programs which we have in our machine build a very large cache behind them gobbling up our hard drive space. We get frustrated and all we want is to speed up our PC. In this inevitable situation, computer optimizer tools come in handy. In this post, we are going to tell you about 6 Top Free Computer Optimizer Software 2018.

Best PC Maintenance Software 2018:

So now the question is as to what exactly is a computer optimizer? What did a PC Performance Booster do? I remind my readers that computer optimizer, PC Performance Booster & PC Cleaner are the terms which are often used synonymously.

A  basic computer optimizer is an application software that does the following tasks for you:

  • Tunes up your PC/ Laptop by fixing the problem causing sites.
  • Optimizes the Windows Registry.
  • Removes and eliminates the useless pieces of data.
  • Deletes duplicate files.
  • Clears the cache.

These are the elementary tasks that a PC performance booster will do for you. Not putting in much of a delay, let’s talk about 6 Best PC Tune-Up | System Optimizer Software 2017:

Free PC Cleaner For Best Performance: System Care & Cleaning Softwares

  1. Iolo System Mechanic  Download Here

  • Iolo System Mechanic is one of the best programs to speed up a computer.
  • For general purpose use my recommendation is to get the freeware version of this tool as it solves a majority of our purposes for normal PC usage like:
    • Removes Junk Files and the apps which we don’t require.
    • Clears out the RAM for us by deleting browser history, logs, and cache.
    • Also, user friendly interface makes it truly one of the best windows optimizer tool.
    • I say, that if you want to see a real genuine boost in your PC’s performance then this application is to go for.
    • You can easily download the freeware version of this amazing system optimizer from here.
  1. Iobit Advanced System Care  Download Here

  • This is another one of the best programs to speed up your computer. Again the freeware version does the trick for you. As with freeware version itself you can give your PC a 300% speed boost.
  • It is compatible and runs smoothly on Windows 10/8 & Windows 7/Vista.
  • Definitely, I will say that the interface of this product is good and you will learn how to use it upon its initial use itself.
  • Like mentioned for the first one; this system optimizer also gives your PC the much-needed boost by cleaning up the files and folders that we don’t require plus correcting the errors which might be there in our hard drive.
  • You can easily download the freeware version of this application from here.

ccleaner best tuneup utility

  1. CCleaner  Download Here

  • This obviously, must be the most recognizable name for you. CCleaner from Piriform has its presence in the market for a really long time now and its good performance definitely gives it a place amongst the best PC cleaners.
  • This award-winning system optimizer surely does the trick by enabling you to free up a large chunk of space on your system thereby accelerating your PC’s performance.
  • Now the most important part of this system optimizer is its hard disk and registry cleaners which are flexible and can be configured to eliminate some particular files and registry items.
  • Also, we can include/ exclude some of the folders according to our will during the system scan.
  • CCleaner also boasts of a great StartUp Manager through which you can lessen your PC’s startup time.
  • You can easily download the application from here.
  1. Glary Utilities 5  Download Here

  • This application boasts of a speed 8 times faster than other similar applications for accomplishing the task.
  • Truly one of the most extensive computer optimizer it has over 20 tools that help you in giving your PC/ Laptop a mega performance boost like disk cleaner, registry cleaner, startup manager, uninstall manager, disk defragmenter and more.
  • If you get confused as to which tool to run and which is not required for you then 1-click Maintenance feature of this system optimizer comes in handy. As understood from the name with just a single click Glary Utilities incorporates most of its tools to clean up your computer.
  • So if you are looking for one of the best PC cleaner and PC performance booster then get Glary Utilities 5 by clicking here.

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  1. PC Decrapifier  Download Here

  • This application has been particularly made for your new PCs. We all know when we get a new PC/ Laptop they are filled up with apps and most of them are not really useful to us and can be safely deleted/ removed. However, it is not necessary that you can use this app only on new PCs.
  • PC Decrapifier scans your system for you and give recommendations of the stuff that you can remove from your system. Don’t worry it doesn’t clean by itself and will only delete the stuff which you say to it to delete.
  • The best part of this application is that you can run it from USB itself. So no need to even install it on your PC. You can download the free version from here.
  1. Ashampoo Win Optimizer  Download Here

  • This is a freeware version of WinOptimizer 14. Even though it is free; it does have great utilities for file and system management.
  • The free version boasts of a Drive Cleaner, Registry Optimizer, and even an Internet Cleaner.
  • It also includes flexibility in its ability to clean up your PC by allowing you to select the areas which you either want or don’t want to check up.
  • A startup tuner included with it helps you to lessen your PC’s startup time efficiently.
  • Even Windows customization tools are included with this through which you can customize the context menus of your Windows PC.
  • We can split up and encrypt our files with File Splitter and File Encrypter.
  • Now many a time we accidentally delete the files which we wanted to keep. You can recover those files by using Un-delete tools which are bundled with this application.
  • So now you can speed up PC for free and even customize your PC for free with this best PC tune-up application.
  • Get this application from here.

So, folks, these were the 6 Best PC TuneUp Applications For Giving Your PC a Performance Boost. Just choose the one which suits you best and gets your PC’s performance back.

If you have any queries; feel free to comment it down below and we will be happy to help you.



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  1. Thanks for the article! Windows issues don’t surprise me but actually i face with more and more problems. so I’ve used a lot of programs which help to solve everything. Or to be exact just promise to solve. But why do you recommend IOBit? It’s quite unsafe being a kind of scam. I wouldn’t use it. No way. To my mind Auslogics Boost Speed is the best Win10 optimizer ever. At least it really speeds up my OS and makes it work properly.

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