Better Keyword Placement and Keyword Density Increases Blog’ Performance

What is Keyword Density and How much value does Search Engines give to it?

Keyword Density is number of times a word appear in webpage to total number of words on the webpage.
Keyword Density =100*(number of times a word or phrase)/(Total words)
In Starting stages Search engines mainly depend on Keyword Density to rank a webpage in Search Results.From this you can understand how important it is.Many webmasters used keyword density in wrong way to increase their search Engine Rankings.But with time and evolution of Google Search Engine ,importance given to Keyword Density has totally changed.Now Search Engines Consider Keyword Density as one of the parameter for ranking a webpage.
If Keyword Density is major factor to decide the webpage ranking then it will be in the hands of webmaster.Even a Blogger with basic knowledge can do keyword stuffing and get good rank in search engines.Now the Scenario totally changed and is in the hand of search engines for your blog to rank well.

What is the Perfect Keyword Density to get Good Rank in Google?

Keyword Density is one of factor to get good rank in Search Results.
Rough estimation of Keyword Density is 3-4%.But till now no one answered what is the exact keyword density.(If it is known then ranking of a webpage would be in the hands of Blog owner).
While writing a blog post write it in your own way naturally.After completion of writing,now check the article if there is any chance to put your keywords.Remember one thing Don’t do Keyword Stuffing.

Where to Use Primary and Secondary Keywords in a Blog Post?

Using Keywords in your blog post alone would not increase your Search Rankings.
5 places to put your primary keyword
1)Use Primary Keyword in header and title tags.
2)Spread your Primary and Secondary keywords throughout the page.
3)Use Keyword in Alt text of Image.
4)Don’t forget to use primary keyword in URL. 
5)Keyword should appear at the starting sentences of the first paragraph.
So my final conclusion is
Keyword Density is not alone a important factor.Placing the keywords in right place is more important than Keyword Density.Try to place your primary keywords in right place and increase your Blog’s Performance.

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