Quick Way to Increase Alexa Rank of your Blog or Website

There are many parameters to judge the value or rank of your blog.One such parameter is Alexa Rank.So many bloggers try to increase their Alexa by using fake methods (black hat methods).
Increasing Alexa rank by using fake method may increase your Alexa Rank but you can’t increase your blog traffic.
What i mean to say “Increase  rank of your blog with genuine methods which in turn would increase your blogs traffic“.Today i will tell you the best and easy way to increase your blog’s Alexa rank.

 Increase Alexa Rank of your Blog

4 Secret Ways to Increase websites Alexa Rank in no time.

1)Attract People Who Installed Alexa Tool bar on their browser

Alexa won’t calculate each and every page view of your blog.They calculate’s number of page views of a blog which goes through their system.
So “try to get traffic from visitors who have installed alexa widget in their browser.

a)Ask your Friends to Install Alexa Tool on browser.
Your family members and Friends would play a important role in your blog’s success.Ask your relatives and friends to add alexa tool bar to their browser.Now every pageview from your friend’s system would be counted by Alexa. This would increase your Alexa rank rapidly.
One of the easiest way to increase your blogs rank as your friends would listen to you.
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b)Comment on Other Blogs and Interact with Blog owners.
Every Blogger’s aim is to increase their blog’s popularity. Alexa rank is one among the signals which increase’s blogs brand name.So every blogger would install Alexa tool bar on their browser.If you try to get such traffic your blog’s Alexa rank would increase exponentially.
Best way to make other bloggers as your blog’s visitor is
Comment on their blogs.(Your comment should add value to blog user and owner).Attract blog admin with your comments and create a space for your blog in his mind. 

2)Install Alexa Tool Bar to your browser.

Install Alexa tool bar on your browser to increase your blogs alexa ranking.

3)Add Alexa Widget to your blog.

Adding alexa widget to your blog will hike your chances to increase Alexa rank.
Learn how to add Alexa Rank Widget to your blog.

4)Write Blog Post Regularly.

Most important signal to increase a blog’s alexa rank.With out implemening the above mentioned 3 tips you can increase alexa rank (of course not quickly).But without writing your blog posts regularly your chances to increase alexa rank is very less.
What i mean is “Regular blog posts alone can increase your Alexa rank.Implementing the above tips would speed up ranking of your blog.”