Bypass Ads With Google Chrome’s Tampermonkey Extension is url shortener service through which you can earn decent amount.You will get paid for very visit to shortened url. For 1000 visits you can easily get around 1$.If your blog’s traffic is from United States then they will pay you 4 to 8$ for every 1000 visits.By seeing this amount every blogger will definitely install ads on their blog.But ads would create bad impact on its users (frustrating) as they need to wait for 5 Seconds to skip the ads.(on every web page)

Bypass Ads With Google Chrome

If You want block or bypass ads and dont’ know how to do? Then you are at right place.This article will help you to skip ads with ease.

How to Bypass Ads in Google Chrome

1)To Block ads in Google Chrome you need to install Tampermonkey extension.Click here to get extension
2)Now Go to and search for the script which would block ads.
Click here to get script to block ads.
3)Install the script on Google Chrome.
4)Refresh the browser.
That’s it now you can bypass ads in Google Chrome Browser.