How To Cancel Recommended Windows 10 Upgrade In Windows 7 and 8.1


windows 10 upgrade

Recently Microsoft announced that users of Windows 7 and Windows 8 will be able to get Windows 10 upgrade.No one cared much about it. After some days, users started complaining that they were getting notifications from Microsoft to upgrade to Windows 10.First let’s understand what this upgrade to Windows 10 means and who is affected by it.Simply speaking, you will get Windows 10 instead of the earlier version of Windows. Also, only people who have the automatic updates enabled will get this upgrade.
If you are a non-technical person, you may promptly ask? Then what? Is there any problem? Microsoft would have done this to improve the earlier version and so on. Yes, you may be correct. But what if your PC have some software that you may not be able to run on Windows 10 or there may be many reasons best known to you. All you want to avoid upgrading is just adjust your Windows update settings.

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But what to do if it is updated automatically.Most probably, it would have been upgraded in your computer becaue by default most of the users have the settings that allow automatic update. The reason for this is security. The problem with this automatic updates is that it takes away a lot of bandwidth and space. No worries– still you can have the earlier version. Windows allow you to have the previous version within thirty-one days. It is advisable first to see whether you are comfortable with Windows 10 or not because you have enough time in hand but as I stated earlier, if you have a particular software that is not compatible with Windows 10, you need to have the earlier version.

Let’s see how we can cancel this updates in both Windows 7 and Windows 8.1

Cancel Windows 10 Upgrade in Windows 7

• Click on Start
• Go to control pannel
• Go to system and security
• Here find Windows Update, Click on it
• Click on change settings
• Here you will see the box saying “Give recommended updates……imp updates”. All you need is just uncheck this box.
• Now just click on OK the settings will be saved.

Cancel Windows 10 Upgrade in Windows 8.1

• Go to settings
• Go to change pc settings
• Here just click on the update and recovery
• Here you will see the box saying “Give me recommended updates……imp update”. All you need is just uncheck this box.
• Now Click on Apply.The settings will be saved.
• Still you will be able to see Windows 10 updates. But it will be upgraded only if you do it.

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