Change “Search with Bing” to “Search with Google” in MS Word 2013


Microsoft regularly updates it products to meet the users requirements.In this article
we are going to discuss one simple trick related to MS word 2013.
MS word 2013 has many extra features which made it more user friendly.Compare to
MS word 2010 it is more robustic and even added some salient features.One such feature
which we are going to look at is “Search with Bing” option in right click menu.

What is the use of Search with Bing option in MS word 2013:
For suppose you have downloaded some tech document from the web and while reading it you
have come across a technical word which is unfamiliar to you.In that case you can select
that specific word and right click on it.This would open a drop down menu with many options.
“Search with Bing” is one option among them.Click on the “Search with Bing” to get detailed
information from the web.

windows 8 search with bing
Now you got the importance of this unique feature,right?

Many of us don’t use bing as we more addicted to Google Search Engine.
You can easily change the default “search with bing” option with “search with google with
simple trick.For this you have to edit the windows registry.As we have done regisrty edit
in many cases in the past.I hope you guys know how to open up the registry editor window.
If you are not aware of how to open it follow this steps..
Press Windows+R and type Regedit in it.
This command will open Registry Editor window for you.
Lets get back to our topic “How to disable search with bing and enable search with google
in MS Office 2013.

How to Change “Search with Bing” in MS Word 2013 to Search With Google.

Let see step by step guide to change MS word context menu to “Search with Google”.
In the Registry Editor Window,follow to the below mentioned registry.


windows 8 registry editor

Move down the registry editor till you reach “General”.Click on the general option.
Now on the right side of the window (right pane),right click and create New String Value.
Name the string value as “SearchProviderName” and leave the Value Date with the dafault
value.(Even you can change with your desired name.In this case we are dealing with Google
so i have chosen “Google as Value Data”).

Right click on the String and choose “modify” option to enter the “Value Date”.
Create one more String with Value Name as “SearchProvidedURI” and
Value data as “”.windows 8 registry editor values

Close the Registry Editor.
You have successfully modifed “search with bing” option in ms word 2013 right click menu
with “search with google”.Now open the same file which you have download from the internet.
Select the word and right click on it.Now you will find “Search with Google” instead of
“Search with Bing” in MS Office 2013.

windows 8 search with google

Note:Be alert while editing the registry values as it may corrupt your PC.Follow the
steps mentioned in this article with care,so that you won’t commit any mistake.

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