How to Check Indian Railway PNR Status Through Mobile SMS

Railway is largest public transport in India.Millions of people choose Railway as their source
of transport for distant places.Cheap Fare,Security and Comport made many people to choose
Railway as their medium to travel to other places.Thousands of people book train tickets daily.
Those who booked the Reservation ticket have to check PNR Status to know whether the seat is
confirmed or it is in waiting list.
There are many ways to check PNR Status of your Train Ticket.The best and easy way to check PNR Status is “Visit Railway’s official website and check it”.
It is fine you have a PC with internet connection or Smart Phone with Internet connection.
What if you don’t have internet connection or away from internet connection?
Indian Railways recently launched a feature to know PNR Status with out internet connection.
Just send SMS to know the PNR Status of your train ticket.
Let’s see how to check the PNR Status by sending SMS from a Mobile.

indian railway sms pnr

Check PNR Status by Sending SMS from your Mobile

You can check PNR Status using a mobile (with no GPRS Connection).Just send a SMS from your
mobile to get the PNR details of your train ticket.

Check PNR with SMS feature

SMS PNR to 5676747

For Example:Pnr Number is 1234xxxxxx

SMS PNR 1234xxxxxx to 5676747

You will get reply from 5676747 with details of PNR Status.
Hope you understand “How to Check PNR Details with SMS from Mobile“.
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