How to Check whether a Blog/website is Up or Down?

Want to know if a website is down only for you or every one?

If you are a regular user of Social Networking site,then you might have seen messages like “Is
Facebook down for you” or “Is twitter down for you”.
Due to overload on server or due to different reasons,we can’t access some websites.
Next thought which would come to your mind is whether that particular site is down only for me
or even for others“.One way to know to if the site is down or not is “just ask your friends on social media sites”
to check whether the website is loading or not.

Best way to check whether the site is up or down:

There are many online sites which would help in checking whether the site is up or down.
You can trust and rely on online sites to check.
In this article i will give you the list of best sites to Test whether a site is up or down.

Top Online Sites to check whether a website is up or down.

Best site on internet to check whether a website is running or not.

down for every one or just me


2) is short url of which would provide the same service.
Undoubtedly the cool site to check sites up and down status.



One of the best online tool to check up or down status of a blog/website.Is It Down Right Now”
monitors the status of your favorite web sites and checks whether they are down or not.
It has short url domain to test the sites performance.

is it down right now


One more tool which provieds the same service.websitedown is a status checker tool to test any
site’s reachability in real-time.Enter the domain name and press enter.It would display the
best available results to you.

website down info


Online Tool to monitor a sites status for free.


6) is an online service that allows a user to test if the site/blog is actually down,
or if it is just the user’s machine or network.If have any problem in accessing a
website,simply enter the website’s URL and press enter.


7) performs website availability test for free.


One more free site which would test whether a sites status is on or off.

up or down checker


Watch Mouse allows you to check the accessibility of your web server 24 hours per day.They will
sent periodic reports of your websites uptime and downtime to your email.


Most of the above mentioned sites gives you accurate results.But don’t depend on single
tool.Check using 2 to 3 tools and confirm whether the site is down or not.

Choose the online tool which works well for you.It may not help you at this moment but in
future definitely you will find it useful.

Note:One more important thing is “checking a blog’s status in such sites will create a free
high quality backlink for you”.

If you know any other online service which test’s up or down status of a website do let me know
in the comments section.
If you find this article,please do share it.