How to Control a Computer from Android Mobile Using TeamViewer App

TeamViewer is an excellent piece of software that establishes a safe connection between one or many computers by strictly adhering to its security protocol. Fortunately many of us wont be carrying around Laptop all the time. So how to access files on your laptop with your android device?.

teamviewer app

 With increasingly use of smartphones and their advancements in hardware technologies, smartphones had erased the boundaries of traditional computing devices. Making this as their base, Teamviewer designed an Android app where you can access files on your remote device even if you don’t carry around laptop.

So, how it works?

How to Operate a Computer with Teamviewer Mobile Application

Step 1: Download Teamviewer on your personal computer as well as the smartphone that you want to access with.

Step 2: After installing the software on both the devices, try launching them. The application that is running on your personal computer will provide you ID and Password. Enter partner’s ID in your terminal.

teamviewer terminal

Before going for next step, here’s where you customize the connection establishment. The file transfer option will let you to transfer files and media content. Switching to Remote control will allow you to connect with remote device.

Step 3: Once both the devices are connected successfully, a notification will pop-up on the screen indicating the same.

Tip: For optimized desktop view on your smartphone, turn on landscape orientation.

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 Using remote control:

Once you are sure that both the devices are connected remotely, you can access files on destination computer. The user interface of Teamview android application will be same as your desktop UI. Single tapping will let you select the elements on the screen. To view a folder, double tap it.

Teamviewer android application has more potential to do other powerful things. From selecting a file to editing content with onscreen keyboard, pinch to zoom feature is what this application is capable of doing.

Tag-line: Undoubtedly, Teamviewer is everyone’s option when it comes to accessing remote devices. Either it is for personal, group or organizational use Teamviewer is their choice. If you are not a big fan of Teamviewer’s productions, you might look for other products like Google’s remote desktop connection. 

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