How to Create Android Apps With out Coding Knowledge for Free 2014


Evolution of Android has taken Smartphones culture to next level.Android is the best and most
used mobile platform.The main reason for huge sucess of android OS is,it is available for free
and very easy to use.
In the Smartphone market Android Devices are having huge craze.One reason for good going of android in
Mobile Market is “Lakhs of Android Applications are available for free for its users”.
For every task there are hundreds of applications available.
Want to create an android app without any coding knowledge?
There are many online applications which let you to create a android application without doing
any coding.These applications provide user friendly interface for android app creation.Just you
need to drag and drop the required elements to their respective postions to create an app of
you desired styled.
Lets get back  to our topic Best Online Applications to create Android Apps for free without any
coding.There are hundreds of online sites for you to create free android applications without
any coding.Here i am giving you the list of best online tools create free android apps with
zero coding

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Best Free Android Apps Creator Without Any Coding in 2014


appsgeyser android app generator

Appsgeyser is best free android app creator available online.Appysgeyser is an online
application that allows you (publisher) to create apps for Android Phone.Creating an app using
Appsgeyser is as simple as dragging and dropping elements.You can promote or distribute the app
which you created with Appsgeyser easily using their network.Appsgeyser supports many
applications as listed in their site.Select the best one which suits your online content and
create an app for that.Even you can monetize your app to earn money online.Appsgeyser is
undoubtedly the best Android app generator available in the market.
How to create an Appsgeyser app using Appsgeyser
Register a new account with Appsgeyser and login into the account.Choose the application type
and fill the details (Application name,screen size etc).After filling details succesfully
create the app.


buzztouch app generator

Buzztouch is one of the most used android app creator on web.Buzztouch allows you create apps
for both Ios and Android devices.Buzztouch provides you huge list of application style from
which you can choose the best one suits your online content.
Sign up for new account with Buzztouch to create an android app for free.Login in to the
account and create free android app for your blog or website.User friendly interface of
buzztouch made it even easy for Android app creation.Readymade plugins are available,just drag
and drop the items in desired positions.
After creating the app,download it to your PC.If you are good at coding then you can make the
app even better.


appyet app generator

Appyet is another Android app creator in the list.With Appyet you can create an android
application with in 5 minutes.You need not do any coding and break your head.It is very simple
to create app using Appyet.It supports RSS/Atom, HTML5, Podcast, YouTube, TapaTalk Forum etc.
Android app created on Appyet platform is legal to list and sell in Google Play Store and Many
other emerging Android Markets.You can even monetize the application to earn money.


appsbar app generator

Appsbar is free android app builder which does’t need any coding.Create an account with Appsbar
for free and generate android app of your online business.Appsbar is rated as the best android
app creator many experts.


appypie app generator

Appypie makes making an app as easy as pie.You can create an app using Appypie without any
programming skills for Windows 8 Phone, Android and iPhone applications for mobiles and
smartphones.After creating an app publish it to Google Play store to market it.

Hope this article helps.If you know any other better Android app builder do let me know.
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