How to create backup of a blog on hosted Blogger Platform

Blogger is undoubtedly one of the best blogging platform available for free.Blogger supports
many advanced features which is even better than other paid hosting services.
Blogger gives many advanced features like custom templates,export blog,create a backup of
template etc.Lets come back to our topic i.e “Creating backup of a blogspot blog“.

Is it necessary to Backup your blog?

Yes absolutely.For security reasons backup your blog.As you are hosting your blog on Google’s
free hosting,if they find you doing any spam then will delete your blog with out any
intimation or You may accidentally delete your blog.
In such cases backup copy which you have created will be helpful.So be sure to backup your blog
regularly for every week.Store the back file on your PC for future use.Backup file would be stored on your computer in .xml format.

How to Backup a Blogger Blog

1)Log in to your Blogger Account and got to Blogger Dashboard.

2)Go to Settings and Click on OTHER option Available

blogger blog backup copy

3)Got to Blog tools

Here three options are available for you

a)Import Blog b)Export Blog c)Delete

blogger backup copy blog

Click on the Export Blog and a pop window will open asking you to download your blog.

backup copy of blogger blog

That’s it now you have successfully created backup copy of your blogger blog.
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