How to Create an Ebook From Wikipedia Articles


Wikipedia is an online library,where you can find almost every information.Even you can read/access Wikipedia
articles offline,with out data connection.If you have no access to internet connection or you are on
vacation,then you can create an ebook on useful resources and store it on your Laptop or PC and read it
offline.Lets see in details on how to create an ebook from Wikipedia articles.

How to create an ebook from Wikipedia Articles.

To create an ebook on Articles from Wikipedia,click on the print/export link which you can find on left
sidebar of Wikipedia Home Page.If you are creating a book for first time with wikipedia articles then
you will see “create book” option under Print/Export.

 ebook from wikipedia artcles first time

If Someone at your home (on your PC),used this feature to create a book from Wikipedia articles,
then you won’t find “Create a book option”.As this feature is already enabled by someone who used your
PC before,you need not to enable this feature once again.

ebook from wikipedia articles

Simply Click on the Ebook Creator which you can find on the home page.

ebook creator
Now add the list of pages which you have to add to your ebook.
You can create list of resources in three ways
1)Add this page to your book.
Go to desired page,and click on “Add this page to your book” option.
2)Hover over the link to Add Wiki page to your Book.
One more way to add pages to your book is to hover over link and click on “Add Linked Wiki Page to
Your Book”.

ebook creator hover over the link
3)Use Suggest Pages Option to Add Pages to Your Book.
One more way to add pages to your ebook is using “Suggest Pages”Option.
Suggest pages shows you the pages based on the pages which you have added before to your book.

ebook suggested pages
Click on “Green Plus” botton before a page to add specific page to the book.
Click on “Red cross” Button before a page to remove it from the suggestion pages list.

After completion of the adding pages to your book,click on Show book (Pages) option which you can see
beside Book Creator.
Show Book will open a new window with options to Manage you book

ebook creator show pages
Give Title,Sub Title to your Book.
Choose the Size of Paper may be “A4”,Letter Size.
You can include table of contents in your book.
You can choose number of columns one or two.
Click on the Create Chapter Option to give a name to the Chapter.

ebook create name the chaptor
Sort Alphabetically.
Even you have option the sort the pages alphabetically.
Or Use drag & drop to reorder wiki pages and chapters.
Clear Book:
You can empty the book which you have created with this option.

Now its the time to download the book which you have created till now.
Here you will have two options to download the ebook

ebook create download
a)Order as printed book.
b)Choose the format in which you want to download the book.You have 4 formats available
1)Ebook (pdf)
2)Wordprocessor (open document)
3)Kiwix (Openzim)
4)Ebook (EPUB)

Choose the format and click on the download option.

ebook creator rendering

Please wait for some time(depending on the number of pages) to complete the generation of the book.
After the completion of rendering process,click on the download file option,to download the file to your

ebook create dwnd

Now you can enjoy reading the ebook which you have from Wikipedia without any internet connection on your

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