Trick to Create Fake Facebook Wall and Update Status Screenshots

Some people share snapshots of Facebook profile status,Facebook wall with many likes and comments.Most of them are fake ones.
It is just a trick to increase their Facebook Profiles Popularity or to give publicity to a blog or website.
You can easily create fake Facebook posts to impress or make fun of others.
Even you can create Fake Relationship,Fake Text,Fake Friendship Fake Photo,Fake Likes,Fake Events and take screenshots to share it as a proof.
Want to know the trick to create Fake Facebook Wall Screenshots.Then you are at right place.
Let’s see “How to create and Customize Fake Facebook Walls“.

Create Fake and Custom Facebook Walls Screenshots with

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To create Fake Facebook posts,just go to

wallmachine fake facebook

With thewallmachine application you can customize everything related to Facebook.Just Log in using your Facebook Account.Now you can create fake post,fake relationship status,fake photo,Fake likes and fake events.

wallmachine fake facebook

Just hover on the name or text you will see “Click to edit” option.Click on it to customize the text or post in your own way.
Click on the save option below it.A pop up window will open.

wallmachine fake facebook

Now enter a title that describes your wall and give it some tags.Click on the save option.

wallmachine fake facebook

That’s it you have successfully created fake Facebook status.Take the screenshot and share it with your friends to impress them.

Hope you like this fake Facebook Status Trick.

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