How to Deactivate or Delete Twitter Account Permanently

Twitter is most used Social Networking site after Facebook.By this you can understand how people are addicted to these websites.Getting away from twitter is not easy if you are addicted to it or else it is very easy to delete your Twitter Account.

How to Deactivate Your Twitter Account 

Deactivating your twitter account is nothing but temporarily deleting your Account.After deactivating a twitter account ,data related to that account is unavailable.But if you log in to your account,the next minute your twitter data would be available to every one.

Steps to Deactivate Twitter Account 

Sign in to your Twitter Account and Click on the Gear Icon at the top right.
Go to settings and click on the Deactivate Button.(Scroll down to last).

How to Deactivate or Delete Twitter Account Permanently

How to Delete Twitter Account Permanently

As I already said “Deleting twitter account is nothing but permanently deactivating the account”.To permanently deactivate ,don’t sign in to your twitter account for 30 Days after deactivating it.After thirty days Twitter account would be deleted permanently.If you sign in to your account before completing 30 days then the cycle starts again.So to delete your twitter 
account permanently,deactivate your account and forget about it for 30 Days.

Tips To Follow to Delete Twitter Account permanently:

If you are using twitter on mobile then just uninstall the twitter app to prevent log in to your account automatically or manually.

Remove all the bookmarks or every thing which would remind you about twitter.