How to Delete/Remove your Blog from Google Webmaster Tools

Let’s see How to delete a blog from Google Webmaster Tools.

What is Google Webmaster Tools?

Google Webmaster tools is a free service offered by Google to help bloggers and webmasters. With webmaster tools you can get detailed stats like site’s health,number of pages indexed in Google,crawl errors,crawl stats and many more.You can even submit your blog’s sitemap using webmaster tools.A blog which follows Google Webmaster guidelines can Google Adsense approval very easily.

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As Google is leading the search engine market,following Google webmaster guidelines can help you in increasing search traffic to your blog. Don’t know how to add your website to Google Webmaster Tools ? Click on the link to learn how to add your blog to webmaster tools.

Why to Delete your blog from Google Webmaster tools?

You might have a question in your mind. Why to delete a blog from Webmaster tools? Is it necessary to delete a blog from webmaster tools? If you want to change the owner verification or change the email then you can delete your blog from webmaster account and add it to another email address. Just i am giving you an idea on how to delete your blog from webmaster tools.Beside that it is almost of no use.

How to Remove or Delete your blog from Webmaster Tools?

Want to Unverify or remove your website from Google Webmaster Tools? This Article will help you in deleting your blog from Google Webmaster Tools with ease.

1)First Log in to your Webmaster Tools Account.Click here to visit Google Webmaster tools page.

2)Click on the website ,you want remove from Webmaster Tools.(You can add as many websites (own) as you can to a webmasters account).

3)Click on the grid at right top in Webmaster tools Window.You will see a drop down menu with many options.Go to Users and Site Owners option.

delete blog from webmaster tools

4)Click on the Users and Owners Details under the drop down menu .

5)Under Site Users and Owners click on Manage Site Owners.This option will let you manage the owners.You can delete or change the ownership of your blog very easily.

6)In the Verified owners section, click Unverify next to the owner you want to remove.

delete a blog from  webmaster tools

Now a popup window will open and prompt you to delete the verification token originally used to verify this account.The verification token may be a  meta tag or HTML file or DNS record.Click on the verification details to know which method you have chosen in verifying your blog.

unverify blog from google webmaster tools

Delete the verification tag from your blog. Now click on the unverify button on the pop up window to delete your blog permanently from webmaster tools.(First remove the verification tag from your blog,then click on the unverify button)

Hope this guide helps you in removing your blog from webmaster tools.If you have any queries please do let me know in the comments section.Thank you for visiting