How to Disable or Enable Pop Up blocker in Chrome for Windows PC


Google Chrome browser has many unique features which made it top in the market.We
have already dicussed many features of google chrome.To day in this article we will see one more
user friendly feature of Chrome browser i.e, “Enable /Disable Pop ups in Chrome Browser”.
Lets see in detail on how to disable or enable pop up blocker in chrome browser.

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How to Enable Pop Ups in Chrome Browser.

Click on the chrome menu which is on the right top of the chrome browser.
Thsi would result in a drop down menu,now see for settings option and click on it.
Now settings tab would open for you.
(You can even type chrome://settings/ in the address bar to open settings window).

chrome menu wrench

Scroll down to the bottom of settings page and click on the Show advanced settings option.

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Next click on Content Settings Tab.

Clicking on the content settings tab will open a popup window.
Scroll down to bottom of the window until you find ” Pop Ups” option.

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Here you can see three options:
a)Allow All sites to show Pop Ups.
b)Do not allow any site to show pop ups
c)Manage Exceptions

chrome menu pop ups

By default Chrome browser recommends “Do not allow any site to show pop ups”.

To Enable Pop Ups in Chrome Browser Just check the box before “Allow All sites to show Pop Ups”.
You have successfully activated the option to show pop ups in chrome browser.

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How to Disable Pop Ups in Chrome Browser

As i have mentioned already in the above paragraph,by default Google Chrome browser
blocks pop ups for all sites.So you don’t have to do anything special to block pop ups.

If you have already enabled pop ups in chrome browser in the past and now want to disable
them,then just click on the check box before “Do not allow any site to show pop ups”.
This would enable pop up blocker in chrome browser.

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Chrome has even provided some advanced settings in Pop Up Blocking.
You can block pop ups for some specific websites or allow Pop ups for some specific websites.
You can do this by using “Manage Exceptions” option.

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