Disable USB Ports on Windows 7/8/XP PC by Editing Registry

USB (Universal Serial Bus) is one of the best inventions which made data transfer very easy. Usb is used even to connect mouse,keyboard and other external devices to your PC.
But the main purpose of USB is to store and transfer the data.
Anything in the world has both advantages and disadvantages. Similarly with USB port you will face some problems.

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Disadvantages of USB port:

->If your computer is public one,any one access the data and transfer it to external storage device using USB Port.

-> PC can easily get infected by malware and Virus.

The above list problems are main disadvantages of having USB port on your PC.
You can easily solve the above problem..Just disable access to USB port in Windows computer when you are not using it.
Disabling USb port will prevent your PC from getting infected with many vulnerabilities.Lets see how to Disable Usb ports on Windows PC

How to Block /Disable USB Ports on Windows Computer

1)Go to Start Button and Click on it.
2)Press Ctrl+R or type Run in Search Box to open Run

block usb port in windows
3)Open Registry Editor.
To open Registry editor just type “Regedit” with out quotes in RUN and press enter.
Now a Registry Editor Window would open.
4)In the Registry Window find HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.
Under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE Click on the Sytem option.
Now navigate to CurrentControlSet/Services/USBSTOR
5)In the Right partition of window you will find many options.
Go to Start option and double click on it to change the settings.

disable usb port in windows
6)A DWORD popup Window would open.Change the value to 4 in the value data box.
Note:Always Check the box with Hexadecimal Value.
Click on the OK button and Close the Registry Editor.
7)Restart your PC to see the result.

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That’s it.Now you have successfully deactivated USB port on your Windows PC.
You can also cross check it by inserting USB Removable Device into USB port.It won’t work any more.
There are many other ways to disable/enable windows USB ports.
1)Disable usb port by using third party software
2)Disable USB port from BIOS Setup (creating a password).
We will go into details in the coming articles.

Note:Want to enable USB Port Functioning on Windows PC.
You can do it easily just by changing the value in the Value data box of USBSTOR in Registry Editor.Same method works for Windows 7,Windows 8 and Windows XP.
Change the Value Data to 3 to Enable Windows USB port.

To turn off USB port authentication Change the value data to 4 in USBSTOR (Registry Editor).
To turn on the USB port change the value date to 3.

Hope you understood How to block/unblock access to USB ports in Windows 7/8/xp.
if you have any queries …Please do let me know in comment section.
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