10 Ultimate Do’s and Don’ts Of Blogging to Boost Blog Performance

Most of the bloggers commit some mistakes which they are not suppose to do.Today i am giving you the best list of Do’s and Don’ts a blogger should follow and implement.Just implement these tips on your blog and see the difference.

do's and don't of blogging

Blogging Do’s and Don’ts for your Blog’s Growth

Do’s of Blogging to increase Blog Performance 

1)Write Unique Content with rich keyword.
Never try to copy from other bloggers.Just read their post to get ideas.What i mean is “Steal Ideas from Competitors But don’t copy”. Write keyword rich content Blog posts and follow proper Seo. Your blogs performance in Search Engines would increase tremendously.
2)Write Blog Posts Regularly.
Blog post frequency is important parameter you should follow.These would boost your Blog’s ranking.Writing blog post’s regularly would increase your Blog’s Alexa Ranking.
3)Interlink Your Blog Posts
Interlinking your blog posts will increase page views. Interlink old blog posts to new blog posts.This would make Your Blog’s old post to live for ever.
4)Create Contact and About Us page for your Blog.
Contact and About Us page will give the Blog a professional look.With contact page other bloggers or blog visitors can contact you with ease.About us page explains about blog and its niche.
5)Comment on same niche Blog’s to increase Blog Traffic
Commenting on other blog’s is best way to increase visitors to your Blog.Comment on same niche blogs and increase your network.
6)Respond to every Comment on your Blog
Reply to every comment on your Blog.This would boost your blog’s presence and you can create good relation with other bloggers.
7)Use Social Media Networks to increase your Blog’s traffic.
Social Networking sites play huge role in Blog’s Success.Even Search Engines like Google use Social signals as one parameter to rank a web page in Google Search results.So use Social Networks to maximum extent.

Don’ts of Blogging

8)Don’t Use unwanted Widgets and Unnecessary Plugins
Remove unnecessary Plugins and Widgets would speed up your Blog’s loading time.Less Loading time would increase your Blog’s Crawling rate by Search Engines.
9)Don’t write long paragraphs in your Blog Post.
Write short and sweet posts.Never write Long paragraph posts,it would create bad impact on your Visitors.
10)Don’t Use Font and Colors which create bad impact on Users.
Choose best template (theme) for rich look.Don’t use odd colors and Font which would distract your blog Users.